Tarot Readings

I have been interested in Tarot since I can remember myself. I was still a student when I started reading books about it and tried to find a deck I could really connect to personally. I ended up with the classic Rider-Waite Tarot deck. I started with readings for myself. It has been six years now that I read for others as well, as I feel more confident, not only about my connection to the deck and the deep knowledge of the symbols, but also about being able to find the proper spread that matches best my querer’s question. I don’t read the future as a fortune-teller would. I use my intuition and read the cards to help my querers to come to touch with their subconscious mind, find the reasons behind what is happening and find out possible solutions. After all, I have learnt during my studies, that we all hold our Future in our very own hands and we build it during our Present. Understanding the Past also helps in some cases. Apart from the Past-Present-Future reading, another personal favourite is the Body-Mind-Soul. But, thank Goodness, Tarot’s potential is infinite!

In Love and Light always!

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