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Happiness!!! (sharing from an essay I wrote on one of the lessons I study)

Published 9 March 2018 by Eris Ilmirith

Happiness! So many things have been said and written about happiness. Everyone is looking for it, everyone is chasing it…Happiness can be lost, found, there are keys to it, doors to it and some other doors that are opened thanks to happiness…The old people say that the older days were happier, although there were wars and famine and poverty and death. Many people tend to hide in the happiness of the past and don’t even believe that they can also be happy right now, in the present! Happiness is a granted for children and most adults think that they cannot be happy. Again, this is a matter of mindset and perspective. Happiness is such a big discussion subject, because people have forgotten how simple it is to be happy.

First of all, happiness is different to joy. Joy is the happy feeling we get every time something good happens and it stays with us for as long as the trigger exists. Happiness is forever. Once known, it can never go away, except if we let it or we forget that we know what it really is.

Happiness is that state of mind that is simple to achieve. Being present at the moment and pay attention to everything good that happens in our lives is a way to achieve happiness. Gratitude for even the smallest things goes hand in hand with happiness. Taking the time to admire a little, fragile flower coming out of concrete, pay attention to the tunes of the birds announcing that spring is close by, look at the clouds and the shapes they make, in other words, look at the world like we used to do when we were little; in awe and surprise and as if we see something for the first time, taking nothing for granted. Children always smile heartily when they see someone they love, always express their feelings, their enthusiasm, without minding if they talk or laugh too loudly or too much (as if there is such a thing as “laughing too much”!). To them, the matters that are in their minds at the specific moment, their feelings of the time are the most important of all. Children are mindful all the time, thus they are happy. They appreciate everything; their parents, their friends, their pets. They speak to the animals and the plants, they speak to themselves, they perceive things we don’t. I read somewhere that until the age of 5, children’s brain works mostly on Theta waves…Children meditate constantly! They are in deep touch with what is going on within them. Even with no toys, they can play. Even without knowing a language, they can communicate! No boundaries apply to their thoughts and imagination, because they don’t think of boundaries. This is why there are no boundaries to their happiness! So, simple as that, we should start thinking like children again, find our inner child and listen to them when they want an ice-cream, no matter how many calories it will have, or dance in the middle of the street for no reason at all, or for every reason in the world.

Children are so close to happiness, so much in touch with it, because they learn and they mostly learn by experiencing. When we grow up we stop experiencing, we stop appreciating the sense of risk and playing and getting out of the box…We set times and schedules and ages. “You are old at 50”, “Sex is not important for a relationship, only love is” (of course love is the most important thing in a relationship, and let’s not talk about respect, freedom, appreciation, pride…But isn’t sex important as well?), “Don’t act like a child”, “When will you grow up?”, “When are you going to become a mother?” (this last one is one of my favourites!). Human beings are body, mind, spirit, soul…all together in a wonderful, unique bunch! Ignoring aspects of ourselves mutilates us, makes us lacking people. Societies are good and, I believe, no human could live alone or should live alone…But we have set so many rules that go beyond our humanity. We must be careful all the time, about how we eat, how we speak, how we laugh, how we flirt…There are rules about everything and anything…and nothing at all! What these rules teach us is that we have to be in a certain way in order to be liked, loved or respected, when the truth is that those who like us and love us better do so for the real us! Our differences make us unique and make life so much more interesting…But we cannot tolerate different, it makes us feel unease, awkward. We have forgotten the myth of the ugly duckling and how happiness is abundant to everyone.

Life has become so rushy, so exhausting, that we do not live anymore. We just run, work, pay bills, sleep, wake up and start again, not only anxious about getting through the day, but also anxious about reaching the goals others have set for us. We don’t stop, we don’t take breaks. We don’t let ourselves daydream, or stargaze, or do stupid and “unnecessary” things. I have heard so many times things like “Even if I had a lot of money, I would continue working, because you never know/people should work, or else…/what would I do if I didn’t work?”. Wait a moment! I would continue doing things I love, and if this was the same to my work, I would continue “working”, although I would do it for free, to help as many as possible. But, it sounds completely stupid not to know what to do if you don’t have to wake up before the sun every day, doing the same things as the day before, rushing all the time, just because you don’t know what else to do…I would read, go out to meet friends, sleep, practice yoga, learn new things, travel around the world, I would adopt more furry friends…People nowadays, forget to breathe. We need social-media posts to remind us that life is not for granted, that we should feel and let the others know it…We need yoga classes to remind us how important breath is. And I like yoga, I am a big fan of it, but it should be our time with ourselves, our moments of truth, our time to get in touch with our bodies and connect our bodies and minds, not the time when we are reminded that we need to breathe and closing our eyes to relax is all right…That all reminds me of one of the times I was in London. I was coming back from my little excursion of the day. In the metro, I was sitting next to a guy whom we were at the museum together with. We started talking and he started talking about how he didn’t understand Greeks and their affection for free time. As a Greek, this was Greek to me. What did he mean? I talked to him about all the things I do during my holidays and he insisted that no holidays are needed. Not that people should have less holidays, but that holidays should not exist because they get you out of schedule. I could only laugh out loud…I didn’t answer to him, there was no need…You can’t convince someone that they need to be happy from time to time. I didn’t even ask why he came to London for the Weekend, but no reason to insult him either. After all, it was a cemetery museum, so it might not have been fun for him, which could excuse his out-time. This story, still makes me laugh and it is one of the things that remind me how happy I am and that I should stay this way, even if only to look at people staring, not understanding…

Attuning to nature and Her rhythms is another way for someone to be happy. Natural rhythms show that the only stable thing in life is change. Once you get to understand that, no burden seems too big or too serious, no problem is uncontrollable anymore. Attuning to Nature’s rhythms, help us connect to our inner rhythms, attune to that sense that all is one and we have choices. We choose how we think, we choose what we decide, we choose our truths, stories, life! We choose. And along with choice there is always responsibility. We are responsible of how we feel and thus, we are responsible to allow and help ourselves feel happy!We choose what we believe and which rules apply to us, and the happier we choose to be, the more reasons we will have to be happy. Happiness goes hand-in-hand with the verb “to be” not “to feel”. One either is happy or not, it’s our choice!

So, happiness is connected to love, compassion, freedom, respect, appreciation, craziness, playfulness, Inner Child. Happiness is something we can share, we can teach…It is actually really important to show to people that they can be happy. Happiness is an emotion that grows by sharing, it becomes stronger and with deeper roots. Happiness is not an ideal, it is our right and we don’t even have to chase it. Happiness is always there, waiting for us to see it and become one with it. Happiness is pink, it feels like little giggles in our belly, like when the airplane takes off…and it is as much liberating! Happiness can help us see the world in new eyes, see ourselves in different colours, because everything is more beautiful when we are happy! If you ask a child why they are happy, they will give you numerous simple answers, because to them, happiness isn’t something unknown. And they do not need much in order to be happy…Some candy or a simple touch will do the miracle.

The other thing that seems really strange to me is the question “How can you be so happy?”. What does “so” want in this sentence? Is there an amount of happiness that is accepted and if you go beyond that, then there is something wrong? People have always been telling me that I am always so happy and looked at me as if there were something wrong with me. And because of their confusion between happiness and joy, they found it crazy when I cried out of sadness, when I wasn’t in the mood for jokes. Their words usually are “This isn’t you”. But this is exactly and precisely me! I am human, I am not a robot set on “joyful mode” forever. I have my moments just like everyone else. And coming from Greece and not Himalaya,I sometimes get carried away by circumstances…But this is me, having good or bad moments. Being happy doesn’t have anything to do with that…Actually, I am grateful and happy for my bad and sad moments as well. They mean that I am still learning, evolving, expanding. They mean that I am present, I am alive, I am able to feel I choose to be happy, every day! And I know why I am happy! I am happy because I grew up in a wonderful family and had a happy childhood. I had a normal adolescence when I used to fight with my mother every day and we can now laugh together about that time. I am happy because I live in a secure house, with the people I love and my cats and dog. I am happy because I have found the man of my life and even at my most difficult periods I had people around me who loved me and cared for me. I am happy because I had the chance to study what I love and I have learnt to never cease learning. I am happy because I have found that Gothic music and magickal studies are not only for the films. I am happy because I have received a lot of love and I am able to give love back, I can feel! I am happy because I already have a niece and there is a nephew on the way, and I have students with whom I still meet and it is always so nice to see that you have become part of someone’s life, especially through an ungraceful role. Of course I have moments that I feel stressed or bitter or sad, maybe…But these moments are like my moments of joy…They go away as soon as the trigger goes away. The reasons I have to be happy are more important and are always there!


The 13 Goals of a Witch: 2) Know your Craft

Published 8 February 2018 by Eris Ilmirith

The second goal of a witch is to know their Craft. By “Craft”, most people understand Wicca, but I wouldn’t narrow it so much. After all, not all witches follow the path of Wicca, right? I also tend to believe that this goal/rule goes to everyone and everything in life, no matter their choice of religious path…

But let’s take first things first! Let’s talk about witchcraft first and then see if we can take things a bit further. Witchcraft involves a whole bunch of things, such as rituals, spells, energy, correspondences, divination…One should be sure that what they are doing is the correct thing for them to do, that they have followed the correct steps. They should know a lot of theory before moving on to practice. Doing a spell can be extremely interesting, something that somehow connects our childhood fantasies and stories we used to read to reality. It can give great joy and satisfaction, it can make dreams come true, but it needs to be carefully done! It is easy to pick out any book or open a page in the net and find what you need to do a spell. If you don’t know your theory, though, you won’t be able to recognize if a spell is the one you need, if it involves hurting others, intentionally or not, if it is the one spell that matches your intentions perfectly.

Witchcraft and magick involve natural laws and a lot of ethics. These ethics and laws that should, must and will be followed even if you don’t want to, set boundaries that serve you…keep you protected. When we raise energy to achieve a goal (that is, when we work magick), it is easy to make mistakes. We all have and probably will continue to make them! The point is not to make a mistake that will put ourselves or others in danger, or will awaken negative karma we could have avoided. Because in the end, everything you try and do is your own responsibility. Magick, as all knowledge, science and practice has a theoretical basis that is fundamental for us to know.

So…Before you buy those candles and say those words, read books, search the net, go to schools about magick and witchcraft, choose your path among the many pagan paths, choose the kind of magick you want to do. Everything is out there, available for you to learn, but take your time! Patience will reward you and your Craft!

This goal is also important because it agrees to a general philosophy in life! Excellence comes from studying, experimenting, testing, verifying, synthesizing, analyzing, combining…Whatever you choose to do in your life, magickal or totally mundane, be sure to learn it well! Knowing something well requires time and effort…But it is a worthy thing to do…As my grandfather used to say, “The only thing nobody can take away from you is what you have learnt and know”.

In Love and Light,

Eris Ilmirith

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Forgiveness; a powerful self-boost

Published 3 January 2018 by Eris Ilmirith

A teacher of mine once said that whenever we find something wrong with someone else, we should look deep within us, because this “wrong” triggers something inside us… Something we don’t want to see as a quality of ours, something we don’t know how to deal with, something of whet we would describe as our “shadow self”. In many other cases, people become stubborn and unable to accept the different. Last but not least, many are those who think that they are responsible for everything that goes bad in the world. In any of these cases, what I propose is a forgiveness technique.

Most of the times, what I hear is “I don’t want to forgive him/her…And then comes the surprise! Forgiveness doesn’t start by forgiving others, forgiveness starts by forgiving ourselves. There are things that we may have done and harmed us that should get out of the way, in order to start understanding that we are really responsible for whatever happens in our lives, in a very positive way…We can right wrongs by simply forgiving. It is the soul we work with and not our conscious mind. To start recognizing whom and what you want to keep or get rid of, one should always start from themselves. The connection and relationship we have with ourselves depend greatly on things and situations of the unconscious and subconscious mind. that’s why a forgiveness technique is perfect; it works directly with the subconscious mind!

After we have worked with ourselves, the time comes working with others. The biggest misunderstanding is that after one forgives someone they will start seeing each other and talking to each other! Nobody can make you keep people around you that you don’t want. We don’t forgive to make up, we forgive to cleanse our soul from those black points of jealousy, meanness, even self-destruction. We forgive to go on with our lives having closed all the cycles of the past that don’t match the future we want. We forgive to be able to develop spiritually.

In any case, be open. You may see changes in people that you will find difficult to believe. When the souls communicate, many magickal things happen! Be open to miracles! And don’t forget that we are all humans…and humans make mistakes on the road to perfection!

Love and Light,

Eris Ilmirith

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Spiritual Healing? What is that?

Published 6 April 2017 by Eris Ilmirith

The term “Spiritual Healing” is one that is very often used, especially in the last years, when it becomes more and more common. When people hear this term, they have reactions that range fromlooks that show they don’t understand, to looks (at least) that show they consider it to be something impure, against their religion, etc. This term is used interchangeably with other terms, such as “Alternative Healing”, “Energy Healing” and is a part of what is nowadays called “Holistic Healing”.

Taking first things first, holistic comes from the ancient Greek word “Holon”, which means “whole”, because it views human beings as more than just a body, or mind, or heart, or Soul. It perceives human beings as being a whole that includes thoughts, feelings and emotions, a physical status and a Soul with Its own needs, destiny and lessons to learn. Thus, in Spiritual Healing, what we do is seeing the symptom, which will more often be physical, and try to find out what is the cause of this problem and situation and then help the person heal. In most Spiritual Healing methods, we affect the Aethereal Body (the Aura) through the Chakras (when we have methods that can do that directly) or we work on the Astral and Aethereal Level, so that we can work with the person’s subconscious and find out what there is to do.

In Spiritual Healing, the “patient” plays the most important role. First, it is them who must decide on proceeding with the healing and be ready to face changes. The responsibility for the decision is their own, as is the responsibility for following simple instructions or not. Human Beings have this wonderful ability for self-healing. Energy Healers become the vessels, the “mediums” (not in the sense of contactng dead people, but conmtacting the person’s Higher Self, Spiritual Guides or Subconscious Minds) in order to pass on the energy or interprate the different messages. By no means are they the ones who heal. The person begins to understand how to heal themselves.

Another usual misunderstanding is that Spiritual Healing is useful only when you have something you want to heal. First of all, we all have lessons to learn and paths to walk, so this can be done more easily. Secondly, Spiritual Healing can also be used in order to get rid of trash, to move to higher spiritual levels, to get top know ourselves better. It doesn’t substitute medicine and it can work really well as a supplementary help, in case you are facing a specific physical condition.

In Love and Light always!

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