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The 13 goals of a witch: 5) Achieve Balance

Published 28 February 2018 by Eris Ilmirith

Oops!!! There it is and here we go!!! That’s a tricky one and very very important! This is one goal set in few words but it hides so much meaning inside.

Balance! Whenever I hear this word, a scale automatically appears in my mind. Along with the scale come Dike, the Ancient Greek Goddess of justice, Archangel Michael, who ‘s said to measure our good and bad deeds at our time of passing, and other images like that…Lol! Ok, let’s leave out the Deities and Angels, but the scale is applicable whenever we talk about balance. Balance is achieved when we manage for all the parts included to measure the same. This is easy to understand. In order to take it a step further, replace measure with weigh. It looks more serious now, doesn’t it.

Humans are beings that should be seen as not only bodies, but bodies with a mind, a heart and a soul. Only if we recognize all these different parts of ours could we work with them all and achieve true balance. Ancient Greeks were firm about a healthy mind being able to thrive only within a healthy body. In Ayurveda, the body is treated along with the mind and the soul. The different Ayurvedic types look at all these three aspects of a human being. The Chakras system is clear about the need for all the Chakras to be aligned and healthy. They don’t pay more or less attention to one or the other. Shamans also talked about having your feet on the ground (physical dimension) to have your head in the clouds (spiritual dimension).

A witch should always try to keep a healthy mind, heart and soul within a healthy body. Remember these are goals and what we should try to do. It doesn’t mean that one has to have a six-pack in order to become a witch!

Balance also refers to energy. A witch should know their boundaries, know what they can do and what not. A witch may try everything, but what they try should be in balance to who they are. It’s like in the goal we analyzed yesterday. Everything starts from within, so who we truly are should define what we do and how. Our feelings, our intuition, our energy. We can’t try to do spell-work when we are exhausted, sick or emotionally down. We can’t do spell-work when we are full of anger. In these cases, we are not emotionally, psychologically or mentally balanced and things can even be dangerous…to ourselves, first and foremost!

A witch is in balance with Nature and the Seasons. WE don’t only watch how things are moving on and along. Noticing the very little changes, appreciating them, seeing the miracle behind the smallest thing, are only the first steps. Not harming Nature and trying to help keeping her in a good state is for granted. A witch actually participates in the seasons changing and in honoring the Great Mother through rituals and the Sabbats.

Balance is also to be achieved between a witch and the people around them. Truth and respect go a long way towards this goal. Balance is needed in using magick and when. The fact that we know magick doesn’t mean that we use a spell for everything we want. We are also physical beings, living in a physical world. Before you try magick, make sure that you have tried everything else first.

I hope you can see now that the more we discuss about balance, the deeper we go…Meditation, spiritual healing, yoga and other body-mind techniques can help you achieve the balance we all seek, not as witches, but as humans!

In Love and Light always,


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A Spring Day

Published 28 February 2018 by Eris Ilmirith

Here I am , after a long winter, which wasn’t so cold, but it was winter, nonetheless, with one of my cats on my lap, watching this amazing sunny day from my window! This morning I could even see last night’s raindrops shining on the leaves of the garden plants. Spring has always been my favourite season of the year, but being a pagan, I pay my respects to all seasons for what they are…So, as we moving towards the mid-Spring, I am looking back at what this winter has offered.

Winter, they say, is the season to turn within, find out those secrets hidden in shadowy or even dark corners and see how you can work with them, because come Spring you have to start anew. And I find great resonance in this. This Winter I met people that lied to me, abused me mentally and emotionally, took advantage of the fact that I will harm none and they did it although they knew that there is only one thing that I will not tolerate, and this is lying…oh! The second being taking me for a fool. Could I do something to avenge myself? Sure thing! Could I turn this all back to them? Of course! Being a white witch doesn’t mean that I will let anyone slap me in the face, it means I know how to ask for help in order to get rid of negativity. Did I actually do something? Yep! I talked to them, told them I don’t want them in my life and turned my back, blocking their energy. I did this, first of all because I am a firm believer that before you try magick, you have to try everything else possible first. Secondly, being mean and bitter makes you attract mean and bitter people, so you will end up with those you actually deserve, eating each other’s flesh. Thirdly, I really believe that you attract what you send, so no need for me to sit there, paying any more attention to people as such.

So, what do you do when your life empties (like an old wardrobe) a bit? I do yoga, learn new therapeutic techniques to ameliorate my practice, watch the morning dew with my cats, read interesting books and meet with real friends. Life is too short to sit and focus on negativity. Even if it were longer, why not do something joyful instead?

Spring is here! Out with the old and in with the new!

In love and Light always,


The 13 Goals of a witch: 4) Apply Knowledge with Wisdom

Published 27 February 2018 by Eris Ilmirith

This is one goal  seems easy but is not as easy as it seems. A witch has to learn, as we have mentioned before, as much as they can. As always, not everything we learn will apply to our lives. Not every spell or all information will make sense or match our beliefs system. There comes wisdom. Wisdom, logical thinking will make us recognize what is for us and what isn’t. It will also help us see whether we need to change something in our practice or not. It is this voice that always comes to the surface, our intuition that speaks next. We sometimes have a feeling that we shouldn’t do something, without necessarily knowing why. If you have a feeling like that, follow it. Always follow your intuition! Whenever something feels wrong, it most probably is and the results may be apparent later on!

This goal speaks about application and this is a key word! It moves on from theory to practice. A witch doesn’t learn all those things for the sake of learning many things, for the sake of knowing much. A witch tries to bring changes to the world, as this is exactly what magick is; the combination of the energy within with the energy around us, in order to bring -I would put “positive” here- change to the world -I would also put “for their own and everyone’s good”. A witch has to practice, to do rituals, to try spells, to experiment with divination, healing, all these goodies that are out there!. Some things will succeed even from the first time, some things will not. Keep notes, try again, make your practice perfect by trying and acting and practicing.

But! Whenever you don’t find something logical, or it goes against your ethics or it just seems wrong at the time, don’t do it! You may not know why, but the universe with which you cooperate, does!

In love and light always,


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The 13 Goals of a Witch: 3) Learn and Grow

Published 19 February 2018 by Eris Ilmirith

Here comes one of my favourite ones! I have always wanted to learn many things, I have always liked reading and attending seminars and classes! Learning new things, building on my previous knowledge and adding to my little box of things I know, has always felt like expanding. I mean this literally; By learning new things, I could feel my mind expanding. Learning new things can exercise that very important and often neglected muscle of ours…our brain!

Why is it so important for a witch to learn? Well, energy is abundant and magick works with energy. Knowledge is abundant. A witch never stops learning and adding on their knowledge. After all, it would be really boring to learn everything at once and then do nothing more or less than the same and the same, wouldn’t it! Witchcraft is all about learning…Not only by books and seminars, but also by our own experimenting…This is why it is so important to keep a journal. Write down whatever you have tried in detail. Take notes of how it worked and if you think that changes are needed.Do not give up if something hasn’t worked out the way you wanted it, try it again! The more playful and joyful you approach magick, the more you can find your own path and the more you can get out of it! By playful, of course, I don’t mean careless! We have already spoken about knowing our craft well, the ethics and the basic rules…

How do we grow by learning? In magick, the more you put into it, the more you make out of it! The more you learn, the better your practice gets. The more you try and the more you focus on things, the stronger your intention and energy gets! The more you study, and watch around you, the more you attune to Nature and the Universe, the more your consciousness expands, the more you remember and the more doors open!

So drink from the chalice of knowledge, sip by sip…Drinking it all up isn’t as important as tasting every little mouthful and see what it’s got to tell you!

In Love and Light always,

Eris Ilmirith

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The 13 Goals of a Witch: 2) Know your Craft

Published 8 February 2018 by Eris Ilmirith

The second goal of a witch is to know their Craft. By “Craft”, most people understand Wicca, but I wouldn’t narrow it so much. After all, not all witches follow the path of Wicca, right? I also tend to believe that this goal/rule goes to everyone and everything in life, no matter their choice of religious path…

But let’s take first things first! Let’s talk about witchcraft first and then see if we can take things a bit further. Witchcraft involves a whole bunch of things, such as rituals, spells, energy, correspondences, divination…One should be sure that what they are doing is the correct thing for them to do, that they have followed the correct steps. They should know a lot of theory before moving on to practice. Doing a spell can be extremely interesting, something that somehow connects our childhood fantasies and stories we used to read to reality. It can give great joy and satisfaction, it can make dreams come true, but it needs to be carefully done! It is easy to pick out any book or open a page in the net and find what you need to do a spell. If you don’t know your theory, though, you won’t be able to recognize if a spell is the one you need, if it involves hurting others, intentionally or not, if it is the one spell that matches your intentions perfectly.

Witchcraft and magick involve natural laws and a lot of ethics. These ethics and laws that should, must and will be followed even if you don’t want to, set boundaries that serve you…keep you protected. When we raise energy to achieve a goal (that is, when we work magick), it is easy to make mistakes. We all have and probably will continue to make them! The point is not to make a mistake that will put ourselves or others in danger, or will awaken negative karma we could have avoided. Because in the end, everything you try and do is your own responsibility. Magick, as all knowledge, science and practice has a theoretical basis that is fundamental for us to know.

So…Before you buy those candles and say those words, read books, search the net, go to schools about magick and witchcraft, choose your path among the many pagan paths, choose the kind of magick you want to do. Everything is out there, available for you to learn, but take your time! Patience will reward you and your Craft!

This goal is also important because it agrees to a general philosophy in life! Excellence comes from studying, experimenting, testing, verifying, synthesizing, analyzing, combining…Whatever you choose to do in your life, magickal or totally mundane, be sure to learn it well! Knowing something well requires time and effort…But it is a worthy thing to do…As my grandfather used to say, “The only thing nobody can take away from you is what you have learnt and know”.

In Love and Light,

Eris Ilmirith

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The witch’s Pyramid

Published 9 January 2018 by Eris Ilmirith

This is a simple rule, easy to be remembered that many witches follow. This pyramid consists of four actions for a witch to follow and one goal which is the top of the pyramid. In other words, there are for things a witch should do, in order to achieve a higher goal.

The Actions: 1. To Know: When we want to achieve a goal through magickal working, it is vital to know exactly what we want. What is the goal? Why do we want this to happen? Are we ready to do what is needed in order to achieve it? Are others involved? Is anyone going to get hurt? These are all questions one should ask themselves before doing a spell. It is not important only to know what you want, but also how to phrase it. If you decide to study magick and witchcraft, you will very often listen to the term “Intention”. Intention is the exact thing that we want, put in the exact words that express its meaning exactly.

2. To Will: This seems to be easy and simple enough, but it isn’t so…You decide that you want something. The questions above have all been answered and you know you want it for the right reasons. How strongly do you desire it? How confident are you about achieving your goal? The biggest part of a spell is you and the energy you put into it! Be willing and confident!!!

3. To Dare: The witch should be willing to act in order to achieve the goal. A goal is a personal decision and therefore asks for personal responsibility and action. This needs an amount of courage, as the consequences of what we have done will follow and a witch must always be ready to face them. After all, working with magick will not bring everything out of the blue. It’s like the ancient Greeks used to say “With the help of Athena, but you also have to move your hand” (“Σὺν Ἀθηνᾷ καὶ σὺ χεῖρα κίνει“), which means that one can ask for the Gods’ help, but one must also act on their own.

4. To Keep Silent: You have completed the spell and you are now waiting for it to start bearing fruit. Don’t talk about it to anyone. Energies may mingle, the others may send negativity to our spell and this will affect your spell in a negative way. Moreover, the others may comment on the spell and make you doubt the spell or even yourself. This will also affect the spell. Better keep silent and wait for the spell to work, before you talk about it!

5. The Goal: The goal can be achieved at its best, if all the above-mentioned actions are taken care of…

Good luck!!!

In Love and Light,

Eris Ilmirith

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Why Magick may not work

Published 23 March 2017 by Eris Ilmirith

You have read the spell, gathered all the ingredients, even memorised the words and the steps. You have watched for the proper time and day, even paid attention to the Planets positions. You have put everything on the spell, really everything, but! It hasn’t worked…No signs, no results, no…nothing! Why has this happened? Is it the spell or you? Have you done something wrong? Let’s take things from the beginning and see some truths…

First of all, magick works every time! It really does! There are points that can make it work more slowly than expected, things that can put boundaries, but it is sure to work every time! There are some questions you have to consider when a spell doesn’t work…

  1. Clear intentions: Intention in magick is the A and Ω of everything. Clear up your mind, think of what you need exactly, find the correct exact words to frame your intention. If you say, for example “I need money”, without setting what you are ready to do about it, how you want to gain money, when you want it, what for, etc, then it is a bit vague, isn’t it! Intentions are usually better to set in Affirmations. Use only Present Tense and only Positive words, eg “I am ready to gain …$ this week through my work to do…” It all starts in the mind. The clearer your intention is, the better magick will work, because we create what we think about. Thoughts carry energy just like words and actions, so do not underestimate this tool of yours.
  2. The right spell/magickal working: Since you have set up your intentions, take a look at the spell. Is it the right one for you? Does it cover your needs? Are there any parts you don’t like or feel wrong to you? It is ok to disagree with sokmething, since all spells are more or less personal and there are no authenticities in the domain. Your intuition will tell you exactly what is right and what is not. Especially if the spell is created by someone else, pay extra attention to your own feelings.
  3. Take notes: Note down everything about before, during and after the spell. This way you will be able to create your own spell-guide, find out things that could be better, things that need to remain the same and things that need to change. This reference guide will help you through your progress in magick!
  4. The right Timing: Well, if it isn’t the right time for you to have something, you won’t, simple as that! Have trust in the Divine and the Universal Powers, your Guides who know best when it is time for you to have something, if at all! If you you to push things,, what you have asked for may come, but it usually turns up to be -at least- less than what you were hoping for. The first spell I had ever made -surprise!- was a love spell. I had let it all to my guides. I had just asked for the best match for me iat the right time. It took me five years to find him, but I did. ANd he is the best match and it was at the right time. I could have met him thouands of times before, as it turned out that we went for holidays at the same places in the same period, we liked the same places to go out etc, but if this had happened, it wouldn’t have lasted, as the timing would be all wrong. I can say that now, that I know how things went…So, be patient! Meanwhile, take what lessons life has to offer you and have fun! I know that love isn’t as urgent, some would say, as money for the rent. In that case, be precise, be exact.
  5. Positivity: Stay positive and hopeful! If you start doubting yourself or your workings, then you add negative energy to it. Every day, every moment you think about yourself, smile and think happy thoughts! It is amazing what positivity can do and how long a way can it go!
  6. Free-Will: If your working is about to hurt someone or interfere with their free-will, it may not work. And it is better for it to not work, since going against others’ free-will can have some not-so-good effects on you. After all, what goes out comes back, most of the times stronger.
  7. Keep Silent: This is another very important thing. After you do your workings, keep it to yourself. You don’t want others’ energies mingling with yours, do you!
  8. Signs: It is really rare for someone to come and tell you “Hey! I am here to inform you that your magickal workings were a success!”. Most probably you will start noticing little things, small changes…Again with my personal example, I got to better know what I was asking for and what I couldn’t tolerate. I stopped wasting time with people I knew weren’t the right ones. There could even be signs that something needs to change in your working. Oh! And do not doubt that the song you noticed in the morning or that writing on the wall, really carried a message for you!
  9. Exhaustion/Illness: If you are tired or sick, do not work magick. Your energy levels won’t be at their maximum and this could affect the working and -most importantly- yourself. We first care about our well-being and then about anything else.
  10. Mundane Means: Magick should be our last resort. We first have to try any physical way we have, because this is how we learn our lessons. You have a nasty neighbour? Before trying to “bind their energy” so that they won’t harm you, have you tried to talk to them? Have you tried to look for a job to get more money, before asking for money to magickally appear? Have you tried to talk to your other half, before making that spell that would make them understand you? Magick isn’t there to help you bind the one who doesn’t return your love, take the job out of 100 other worthy appliants or give you thousands of Dollars/Euros/whatever out of the blue! It can do that, alright, but this would be going against free-will…People ofteny ask me about getting a job. Instead of trying to destroy all others’ opportunity to get the job, boost yourself! Boost your qualities, your speech abilities, your interview advantages! If the job is right for you, you will get it! If you try the first option, eliminating antagonism, you may end up with the job, but it is doubtfull that you will enjoy it!
  11. Goal-Energy: The bigger the goal, the more energy and time you are going to need. It is one thing to ask for some money, another to ask for the love of your life and a totally different one to ask for world peace…
  12. Planets, Time and Space: There are calendars that can help you figure out what the right time of day or night are better for achieving your goal and inform you on the Planetary positions and movements. If you manage to combine those things, this will add to your working…If not, don’t worry. Magick works best when we feel it is the right time to do it and when we have no anxiety. Remember, intention is everything!
  13. Tools and Ingredients: We are going to say more about them specifically, but for the time being, be it sufice to say that tools and ingredients are there to add to the atmosphere, help us get in the mood and enhance the energy! If you can’t find an ingredient, find something that can take its place, or mentally and spiritually connect to its energy…Yes, I know…Intention again! There are witches today that do magick with no tools at all and with no problem at all!
  14. Correspondences: There are books that can inform you on what you can use for a spell, Deities, oils, stones, herbs etc that match your goal. You can also find a lot in the Internet!

If you ask my personal opinion about those three last points, I must admit that it is always more fun to work magick in front of the Altar, having the proper correspondences and tools, singing my spells in rhyme…I do that as often as I can. But there are times and places when I need magick right then and there and I can’t have anything other than my intention. It has worked perfectly, in all cases, all the time!

So, you have done all this and more, but you still see that your magick isn’t there…This happens. We need to take breaks from time to time, let things work on their own, take some rest. This is only normal. Magick involves our bodies, our minds, our hearts and Souls. And we need to recuperate after hard work…

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In Love and Light, always!