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The 13 Goals of a Witch-13) Honor the Goddess and the God.

Published 13 April 2018 by Eris Ilmirith

At the end of this journey and the beginning as well, we have honoring and respecting the Goddess and the God. Most Pagans believe in the Goddess and the God, or else the female and male principles of the Universe. The Goddess usually goes first, as She is the Great Mother, the one who gives birth and nurtures and loves. She begins Her journey as the Maiden, a hunter, a wild girl, to grow up and become the Mother with Her feminine aspects in full and then become the Crone, the wise woman, the teacher, the healer and counselor. The God is always there by the Goddess. He starts as a boy, the Young God, a hunter to grow and become the Father and then the Sage. This three aspects are all combined in one, so we have the Triple Goddess and the Triple God.

What is hidden behind this couple is that They are equal. Different, but equal. Their differences is what helps Them create all life through co-operation and mutual respect. There is no duality in Their reality and relationship, there is just love and respect, that kind of love that lasts forever and is always renewed…that kind of love that goes beyond death! This is the paradigm we should follow, and this again has nothing to do with whether one is pagan or not. We can show Them our respect through respecting all men and women alike, for what they are, for what we are. Remember that no matter our sex, we all have a feminine and masculine side, that both need to be nurtured and developed. This is the way to find balance. Masculine is active and giving. Feminine is “passive” and accepting. We all need every aspect of ourselves in order to really become whole and take advantage of all that we can do in order to create.

The other aspect of this goal is “honor”. Is this a word you feel sensitive towards? In paganism, the Deities are respected and honored, but in a totally different way o most traditional religions. They do not expect us to kneel, obey or follow really difficult deeds in order to give us Their gifts and co-operate with us. It is of a common acknowledge that co-operation and spiritual development is of mutual advantage. There aren’t any strict rules, no solid rule-book we should follow, our free will is also totally respected by the Deities. So, what is the hint here? You have guessed right! Responsibility! Follow your heart and ask your Gods (whoever they/he/she may be) to help you find a way to reach closer to Them. The Divine is always there and -most importantly- always within us! Honor and respect yourself, first and foremost, as this is the best way to honor and respect everyone, including the Divine!

In Love and Light always,


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