Reiki is the healing method where the practitioner becomes a vessel and passes on the energy they receive to the recipient’s body, in order to cleanse, empower and heal body and soul. After the treatment, the “patient” generally feels relaxed, but this is only the first step.

Reiki is a method of energetic healing through love and light. Although there are many doubts about it and many have connected it to different religious structures, this happens only because of ignorance.

The fact that Reiki uses symbols and passes on through initiation doesn’t make it bad or mysterious. Initiation has always been (since the ancient times) the procedure to pass on knowledge and experience to someone, something that is felt on all levels, without breaking the chain from the first who passed on this knowledge and experience. Symbols are used to energise the centres and hands of the practitioner and to enable them to achieve the best possible result.

What started as a system for few has now become a very popular healing method with many branches, since energy is ever-flowing and reacts to every need.

In Love and Light always!

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