Mindfulness!!! Wow!!!

Published 9 March 2018 by Eris Ilmirith

Mindfulness is a word that is used very much today and abused in a great deal. Everyone is trying to be mindful and many try to teach mindfulness and that’s a good thing! I do the same thing. What I find to be wrong is the trying to make all people mindful in the same way. Of course meditation and zen techniques and yoga can help a great deal, but what if you can’t sit for hours in the same position or you don’t like yoga and you find that it is difficult for you to practice zen? Can’t you be mindful? Is every hope lost? Of course not!

First things first, let’s talk about mindfulness…What is mindfulness? Take some moments to think about it…Mindfulness is an Eastern practice to train our mind. Because it started in the East, it is very much connected to Eastern techniques, but this isn’t the only way. Mindfulness is a state of mind where you are constantly present and aware. By this, I mean that you are able to recognize the cause behind what happens in your life, accept your responsibilities, understand why the others act the way they do and accept them as they are (we are going to discuss about this further), without bitter feelings about their action. A mindful person deeply knows and understands themselves, and thus do not care about the things the others do or don’t. Being mindful means to be in peace…within and without! You know why you act and talk the way you act and talk, you understand why you feel the way you feel and this is enough for you to not have any expectations for others. But, come on! We are human beings, of course we have expectations! That’s ok…It’s nobody’s fault though…These are our expectations, the others do not have to go along with them…

Now that this is clear, let’s move a bit further…How can we become mindful? The answer is simple! You know what is the best way for you to become mindful. If you enjoy meditating and yoga, then meditate and practice yoga. If you enjoy reading,walking, doing the dishes and this takes your mind away from the problems and turns you within, in the place of your inner peace, then read. walk or do the dishes. Dance, laugh, sing, whatever makes you happy and present and aware! We all have our own path to follow, and -thank goodness- we have multiple choices to walk on it!

In Love and Light always, E.I.

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Ο όρος “Mindfulness” (Στα ελληνικά δεν υπάρχει ακριβής μετάφραση, θα μπορούσαμε να το ονομάσουμε “Προσοχή/Ευαισθησία/Συνειδητότητα”. Στο άρθρο θα χρησιμοποιούμε τον όρο “συνειδητότητα”.) είναι μια λέξη που χρησιμοποιείται σήμερα πολύ και έχει τύχει κατάχρησης σε μεγάλο βαθμό. Όλοι προσπαθούν να είναι “συνειδητοί” και πολλοί προσπαθούν να διδάξουν αυτήν την συνειδητότητα και αυτό είναι καλό! Κάνω ακριβώς το ίδιο πράγμα. Αυτό που θεωρώ ότι είναι λάθος είναι η προσπάθεια να γίνουν όλοι οι άνθρωποι συνειδητοί με τον ίδιο τρόπο. Φυσικά ο διαλογισμός και οι τεχνικές zen και η γιόγκα μπορούν να βοηθήσουν πολύ, αλλά τι γίνεται εάν δεν μπορείτε να καθήσετε για ώρες στην ίδια θέση ή δεν σας αρέσει η γιόγκα και διαπιστώνετε ότι είναι δύσκολο για εσάς να ασκήσετε το zen; Δεν μπορείτε να είστε συνειδητός; Κάθε ελπίδα είναι χαμένη; Φυσικά και όχι!

Για να πάρουμε τα πράγματα με τη σειρά, ας μιλήσουμε για την κατάσταση αυτήν … Τι είναι η προσοχή; Πάρτε μερικές στιγμές για να το σκεφτείτε … Το να είναι κανείς συνειδητός είναι μια ανατολική πρακτική για να εκπαιδεύσουμε το μυαλό μας. Επειδή ξεκίνησε στην Ανατολή, συνδέεται πολύ με τις ανατολικές τεχνικές, αλλά αυτές δεν είναι ο μόνος τρόπος. Η συνειδητότητα είναι μια κατάσταση του νου, όπου είστε συνεχώς παρόντες και συνειδητοί. Με αυτό, εννοώ ότι είστε σε θέση να αναγνωρίσετε την αιτία πίσω από το τι συμβαίνει στη ζωή σας, να αποδεχθείτε τις ευθύνες σας, να καταλάβετε γιατί οι άλλοι ενεργούν όπως ενεργούν και να τους δεχθείτε όπως είναι (θα συζητήσουμε περαιτέρω γι’ αυτό σε άλλο άρθρο) χωρίς πικρά συναισθήματα για τη δράση τους. Ένας συνειδητός άνθρωπος ξέρει βαθιά και καταλαβαίνει τον εαυτό του, και έτσι δεν νοιάζεται για τα πράγματα που κάνουν ή δεν κάνουν οι άλλοι. Το να είσαι συνειδητός σημαίνει να είσαι ειρηνικός … μέσα και έξω! Ξέρεις γιατί ενεργείς και μιλάς τον τρόπο που ενεργείς και μιλάς, καταλαβαίνεις γιατί νιώθεις με τον τρόπο που νιώθεις και αυτό είναι αρκετό για να μην έχεις προσδοκίες για άλλους. Αλλά, έλα τώρα! Είμαστε ανθρώπινα όντα, φυσικά έχουμε προσδοκίες! Αυτό είναι εντάξει … Δεν είναι όμως σφάλμα κανενός … Αυτές είναι οι δικές μας προσδοκίες, οι άλλοι δε χρειάζεται να ανταποκρίνονται σε αυτές…

Τώρα που αυτό είναι σαφές, ας προχωρήσουμε λίγο περισσότερο…Πώς μπορούμε να είμαστε συνειδητοί; Η απάντηση είναι απλή! Εσείς γνωρίζετε ποιος είναι ο καλύτερος τρόπος για να φθάσετε στη συνειδητότητα. Αν σας αρέσει ο διαλογισμός και η γιόγκα, τότε διαλογίσθείτε και ασκηθείτε στη γιόγκα. Αν σας αρέσει να διαβάζετε, να περπατάτε, να πλένετε τα πιάτα και αυτό παίρνει το μυαλό σας μακριά από τα προβλήματα και σας στρέφει μέσα, στη θέση της εσωτερικής σας ειρήνης, τότε διαβάστε. περπατήστε ή πλύνετε τα πιάτα. Χορέψτε, γελάστε, τραγουδήστε, ο,τιδήποτε σας κάνει ευτυχισμένους και παρόντες και συνειδητούς! Όλοι έχουμε το δικό μας μονοπάτι να ακολουθήσουμε, και -ευτυχώς- έχουμε πολλαπλές επιλογές για να περπατήσουμε σε αυτό!

Με αγάπη και φως πάντα,


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Published 7 March 2018 by Eris Ilmirith

I spent almost three days in silence, for the first time in my life and as well as I could manage. Even in this way, by not talking for long hours, not writing blog-posts, not surfing in the net or the Facebook, I have learnt a great deal. Why silence? I would attend a very important initiation, one I have been expecting for one year and more. I wanted to spend time with my guides and myself, I wanted to be open to messages. Of course, in order to keep silent, one has to close their ears to many things they hear and so did I. I stopped the time for a while, listen to the others, I tried to understand them, why they would say something like that (in the cases I heard something mean or gossipy or inappropriate)  and when I did, there was nothing to say.

Silence helps us listen to our inner voice, our intuition, our self. Silence helps us go deep within, cleanse, understand and thus forgive and stay calm. I am not the calmest person in the world, quite the opposite, I should admit! I am not afraid to recognize and accept my “inferior” or “bad” feelings, simply because I do not divide feelings into categories. I am a human being, of course there are times I get angry, or jealous. The difference is that these words do not define me and I have learnt, all these years that I have been involved with spiritual and energy healing, to see how I can use these feelings for a better result, how to express them without insulting anyone, or make them feel bad. This is why I can understand and accept everyone as they are, because I recognize their humanity. This doesn’t mean that I have to keep them company, but accepting the others as they are, helped me, in essence.

So, I didn’t speak, I did my fasting, some yoga and some meditation. The results were amazing. Especially by not being triggered by people or situations that would make me crazy in the past. People started wondering if I was ok…So, here it is; the better you feel, the more circumstances you will have to laugh, see where you really want to participate, find the silence within.

I now find it easier to concentrate, attract people I really want in my life, I learn faster, my body feels better…From this deep silence of within, this state of inner peace and contentment, I am sending you lots of love and blessings and I thank you for being here with me…

In Love and Light always,


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Whom is Spiritual Healing Beneficial for?

Published 1 March 2018 by Eris Ilmirith

Spiritual Healing, or differently said Alternative or Energy Healing includes all those healing techniques and methods that perceive humans as holistic beings with body, mind and soul. Holistic therapies and techniques affect all these three parts of a human being, usually working with and in the ethereal and astral fields. Some methods may focus more on one of them, but they all affect everything, they affect a human as a whole.

Alternative goes more to the fact that not usual medicine is used during the therapies, but energy, co-operation with the subconscious mind in order for hidden facts, blockages and karmic connections to come to the surface and be worked with and solved. In essence, alternative healing methods are complementary methods that will and should not take the place of any medicine you use. They can work hand-in-hand with all other medicine and help the patient get well sooner. For example, reiki can be used for a broken bone, in order for the patient not to be in pain and for the bone to “bind” sooner than it would. The same can be done for psychological situations as well. In cases of depression, there is no need to stop medication, if applicable, or appointments with your doctor. Alternative techniques can help one feel better psychologically.

Another element that should be mentioned here is that it isn’t necessary for someone to have a specific problem in order to see an alternative therapist. Alternative techniques can help you ameliorate your life in every area, even if there is nothing you think that needs working with and they can help you get in touch with your subconscious mind, your Higher Self and find out what is your Soul’s purpose, what your heart truly desires.

Most energy healing methods, like reiki for example, are harmless to children and pregnant women and can help in every stage of someone’s life, it can help with changes and bad habits, with relationships and with self-love, acceptance and confidence.

Of course, everything starts from within and the therapist can only help you as much as you are ready to help yourself. In alternative techniques, the patient has full responsibility and no miracles can be worked if you are not ready to see them. The therapist will give you guidance in order for you to start reaching your self-treatment/healing powers and learn how to use them for your benefit. Alternative healing can help you re-program your mind and life in a positive way, as well as learn how to think in a way that can change your life!

The 13 goals of a witch: 5) Achieve Balance

Published 28 February 2018 by Eris Ilmirith

Oops!!! There it is and here we go!!! That’s a tricky one and very very important! This is one goal set in few words but it hides so much meaning inside.

Balance! Whenever I hear this word, a scale automatically appears in my mind. Along with the scale come Dike, the Ancient Greek Goddess of justice, Archangel Michael, who ‘s said to measure our good and bad deeds at our time of passing, and other images like that…Lol! Ok, let’s leave out the Deities and Angels, but the scale is applicable whenever we talk about balance. Balance is achieved when we manage for all the parts included to measure the same. This is easy to understand. In order to take it a step further, replace measure with weigh. It looks more serious now, doesn’t it.

Humans are beings that should be seen as not only bodies, but bodies with a mind, a heart and a soul. Only if we recognize all these different parts of ours could we work with them all and achieve true balance. Ancient Greeks were firm about a healthy mind being able to thrive only within a healthy body. In Ayurveda, the body is treated along with the mind and the soul. The different Ayurvedic types look at all these three aspects of a human being. The Chakras system is clear about the need for all the Chakras to be aligned and healthy. They don’t pay more or less attention to one or the other. Shamans also talked about having your feet on the ground (physical dimension) to have your head in the clouds (spiritual dimension).

A witch should always try to keep a healthy mind, heart and soul within a healthy body. Remember these are goals and what we should try to do. It doesn’t mean that one has to have a six-pack in order to become a witch!

Balance also refers to energy. A witch should know their boundaries, know what they can do and what not. A witch may try everything, but what they try should be in balance to who they are. It’s like in the goal we analyzed yesterday. Everything starts from within, so who we truly are should define what we do and how. Our feelings, our intuition, our energy. We can’t try to do spell-work when we are exhausted, sick or emotionally down. We can’t do spell-work when we are full of anger. In these cases, we are not emotionally, psychologically or mentally balanced and things can even be dangerous…to ourselves, first and foremost!

A witch is in balance with Nature and the Seasons. WE don’t only watch how things are moving on and along. Noticing the very little changes, appreciating them, seeing the miracle behind the smallest thing, are only the first steps. Not harming Nature and trying to help keeping her in a good state is for granted. A witch actually participates in the seasons changing and in honoring the Great Mother through rituals and the Sabbats.

Balance is also to be achieved between a witch and the people around them. Truth and respect go a long way towards this goal. Balance is needed in using magick and when. The fact that we know magick doesn’t mean that we use a spell for everything we want. We are also physical beings, living in a physical world. Before you try magick, make sure that you have tried everything else first.

I hope you can see now that the more we discuss about balance, the deeper we go…Meditation, spiritual healing, yoga and other body-mind techniques can help you achieve the balance we all seek, not as witches, but as humans!

In Love and Light always,


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A Spring Day

Published 28 February 2018 by Eris Ilmirith

Here I am , after a long winter, which wasn’t so cold, but it was winter, nonetheless, with one of my cats on my lap, watching this amazing sunny day from my window! This morning I could even see last night’s raindrops shining on the leaves of the garden plants. Spring has always been my favourite season of the year, but being a pagan, I pay my respects to all seasons for what they are…So, as we moving towards the mid-Spring, I am looking back at what this winter has offered.

Winter, they say, is the season to turn within, find out those secrets hidden in shadowy or even dark corners and see how you can work with them, because come Spring you have to start anew. And I find great resonance in this. This Winter I met people that lied to me, abused me mentally and emotionally, took advantage of the fact that I will harm none and they did it although they knew that there is only one thing that I will not tolerate, and this is lying…oh! The second being taking me for a fool. Could I do something to avenge myself? Sure thing! Could I turn this all back to them? Of course! Being a white witch doesn’t mean that I will let anyone slap me in the face, it means I know how to ask for help in order to get rid of negativity. Did I actually do something? Yep! I talked to them, told them I don’t want them in my life and turned my back, blocking their energy. I did this, first of all because I am a firm believer that before you try magick, you have to try everything else possible first. Secondly, being mean and bitter makes you attract mean and bitter people, so you will end up with those you actually deserve, eating each other’s flesh. Thirdly, I really believe that you attract what you send, so no need for me to sit there, paying any more attention to people as such.

So, what do you do when your life empties (like an old wardrobe) a bit? I do yoga, learn new therapeutic techniques to ameliorate my practice, watch the morning dew with my cats, read interesting books and meet with real friends. Life is too short to sit and focus on negativity. Even if it were longer, why not do something joyful instead?

Spring is here! Out with the old and in with the new!

In love and Light always,


The 13 Goals of a witch: 4) Apply Knowledge with Wisdom

Published 27 February 2018 by Eris Ilmirith

This is one goal  seems easy but is not as easy as it seems. A witch has to learn, as we have mentioned before, as much as they can. As always, not everything we learn will apply to our lives. Not every spell or all information will make sense or match our beliefs system. There comes wisdom. Wisdom, logical thinking will make us recognize what is for us and what isn’t. It will also help us see whether we need to change something in our practice or not. It is this voice that always comes to the surface, our intuition that speaks next. We sometimes have a feeling that we shouldn’t do something, without necessarily knowing why. If you have a feeling like that, follow it. Always follow your intuition! Whenever something feels wrong, it most probably is and the results may be apparent later on!

This goal speaks about application and this is a key word! It moves on from theory to practice. A witch doesn’t learn all those things for the sake of learning many things, for the sake of knowing much. A witch tries to bring changes to the world, as this is exactly what magick is; the combination of the energy within with the energy around us, in order to bring -I would put “positive” here- change to the world -I would also put “for their own and everyone’s good”. A witch has to practice, to do rituals, to try spells, to experiment with divination, healing, all these goodies that are out there!. Some things will succeed even from the first time, some things will not. Keep notes, try again, make your practice perfect by trying and acting and practicing.

But! Whenever you don’t find something logical, or it goes against your ethics or it just seems wrong at the time, don’t do it! You may not know why, but the universe with which you cooperate, does!

In love and light always,


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The 13 Goals of a Witch: 3) Learn and Grow

Published 19 February 2018 by Eris Ilmirith

Here comes one of my favourite ones! I have always wanted to learn many things, I have always liked reading and attending seminars and classes! Learning new things, building on my previous knowledge and adding to my little box of things I know, has always felt like expanding. I mean this literally; By learning new things, I could feel my mind expanding. Learning new things can exercise that very important and often neglected muscle of ours…our brain!

Why is it so important for a witch to learn? Well, energy is abundant and magick works with energy. Knowledge is abundant. A witch never stops learning and adding on their knowledge. After all, it would be really boring to learn everything at once and then do nothing more or less than the same and the same, wouldn’t it! Witchcraft is all about learning…Not only by books and seminars, but also by our own experimenting…This is why it is so important to keep a journal. Write down whatever you have tried in detail. Take notes of how it worked and if you think that changes are needed.Do not give up if something hasn’t worked out the way you wanted it, try it again! The more playful and joyful you approach magick, the more you can find your own path and the more you can get out of it! By playful, of course, I don’t mean careless! We have already spoken about knowing our craft well, the ethics and the basic rules…

How do we grow by learning? In magick, the more you put into it, the more you make out of it! The more you learn, the better your practice gets. The more you try and the more you focus on things, the stronger your intention and energy gets! The more you study, and watch around you, the more you attune to Nature and the Universe, the more your consciousness expands, the more you remember and the more doors open!

So drink from the chalice of knowledge, sip by sip…Drinking it all up isn’t as important as tasting every little mouthful and see what it’s got to tell you!

In Love and Light always,

Eris Ilmirith

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