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Whom is Spiritual Healing Beneficial for?

Published 1 March 2018 by Eris Ilmirith

Spiritual Healing, or differently said Alternative or Energy Healing includes all those healing techniques and methods that perceive humans as holistic beings with body, mind and soul. Holistic therapies and techniques affect all these three parts of a human being, usually working with and in the ethereal and astral fields. Some methods may focus more on one of them, but they all affect everything, they affect a human as a whole.

Alternative goes more to the fact that not usual medicine is used during the therapies, but energy, co-operation with the subconscious mind in order for hidden facts, blockages and karmic connections to come to the surface and be worked with and solved. In essence, alternative healing methods are complementary methods that will and should not take the place of any medicine you use. They can work hand-in-hand with all other medicine and help the patient get well sooner. For example, reiki can be used for a broken bone, in order for the patient not to be in pain and for the bone to “bind” sooner than it would. The same can be done for psychological situations as well. In cases of depression, there is no need to stop medication, if applicable, or appointments with your doctor. Alternative techniques can help one feel better psychologically.

Another element that should be mentioned here is that it isn’t necessary for someone to have a specific problem in order to see an alternative therapist. Alternative techniques can help you ameliorate your life in every area, even if there is nothing you think that needs working with and they can help you get in touch with your subconscious mind, your Higher Self and find out what is your Soul’s purpose, what your heart truly desires.

Most energy healing methods, like reiki for example, are harmless to children and pregnant women and can help in every stage of someone’s life, it can help with changes and bad habits, with relationships and with self-love, acceptance and confidence.

Of course, everything starts from within and the therapist can only help you as much as you are ready to help yourself. In alternative techniques, the patient has full responsibility and no miracles can be worked if you are not ready to see them. The therapist will give you guidance in order for you to start reaching your self-treatment/healing powers and learn how to use them for your benefit. Alternative healing can help you re-program your mind and life in a positive way, as well as learn how to think in a way that can change your life!


The 13 goals of a witch: 5) Achieve Balance

Published 28 February 2018 by Eris Ilmirith

Oops!!! There it is and here we go!!! That’s a tricky one and very very important! This is one goal set in few words but it hides so much meaning inside.

Balance! Whenever I hear this word, a scale automatically appears in my mind. Along with the scale come Dike, the Ancient Greek Goddess of justice, Archangel Michael, who ‘s said to measure our good and bad deeds at our time of passing, and other images like that…Lol! Ok, let’s leave out the Deities and Angels, but the scale is applicable whenever we talk about balance. Balance is achieved when we manage for all the parts included to measure the same. This is easy to understand. In order to take it a step further, replace measure with weigh. It looks more serious now, doesn’t it.

Humans are beings that should be seen as not only bodies, but bodies with a mind, a heart and a soul. Only if we recognize all these different parts of ours could we work with them all and achieve true balance. Ancient Greeks were firm about a healthy mind being able to thrive only within a healthy body. In Ayurveda, the body is treated along with the mind and the soul. The different Ayurvedic types look at all these three aspects of a human being. The Chakras system is clear about the need for all the Chakras to be aligned and healthy. They don’t pay more or less attention to one or the other. Shamans also talked about having your feet on the ground (physical dimension) to have your head in the clouds (spiritual dimension).

A witch should always try to keep a healthy mind, heart and soul within a healthy body. Remember these are goals and what we should try to do. It doesn’t mean that one has to have a six-pack in order to become a witch!

Balance also refers to energy. A witch should know their boundaries, know what they can do and what not. A witch may try everything, but what they try should be in balance to who they are. It’s like in the goal we analyzed yesterday. Everything starts from within, so who we truly are should define what we do and how. Our feelings, our intuition, our energy. We can’t try to do spell-work when we are exhausted, sick or emotionally down. We can’t do spell-work when we are full of anger. In these cases, we are not emotionally, psychologically or mentally balanced and things can even be dangerous…to ourselves, first and foremost!

A witch is in balance with Nature and the Seasons. WE don’t only watch how things are moving on and along. Noticing the very little changes, appreciating them, seeing the miracle behind the smallest thing, are only the first steps. Not harming Nature and trying to help keeping her in a good state is for granted. A witch actually participates in the seasons changing and in honoring the Great Mother through rituals and the Sabbats.

Balance is also to be achieved between a witch and the people around them. Truth and respect go a long way towards this goal. Balance is needed in using magick and when. The fact that we know magick doesn’t mean that we use a spell for everything we want. We are also physical beings, living in a physical world. Before you try magick, make sure that you have tried everything else first.

I hope you can see now that the more we discuss about balance, the deeper we go…Meditation, spiritual healing, yoga and other body-mind techniques can help you achieve the balance we all seek, not as witches, but as humans!

In Love and Light always,


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The Shadow-Self

Published 10 January 2018 by Eris Ilmirith

Even the title of this article is a bit spooky, isn’t it? Well, there is a little part of me, a little secret part that is laughing, because some things seem to be worse than they really are. A little part of me, an unafraid and free part is feeling sorry of how people are still afraid of words and judge by appearance. These parts of me that are laughing or feeling sorry are parts of my ex shadow-self. They laugh and are sorry, because they have been there and done that! They have been afraid, but have faced their fears and can now be parts of the light…

So, what is our shadow-self? Do we all have one? Let’s answer the latter first…Yes, we all do have a shadow-self. It is nothing more or less than those aspects of ourselves that stay in the shadows…Not because they are bad, mean, or dark, or whatever comes to mind…No! They stay in the shadows because we choose to let them be there. These are the aspects of our personalities that want to feel sorry, want to make fun of people or situations, want to get mad from time to time…They are those voices we choose not to hear when someone hurts us and we want to hurt them back, the aspects of our looks that we don’t like or don’t feel comfortable about…Should we let those aspects be? I don’t think that we have a choice here…They exist, whether we like it or not! What choice we do have, is how to work with them, so that they do not come out in a negative way towards others and ourselves…

The moment we choose to see those aspects, those parts of ours, accept their existence and see what we can do about and with them, they come into the light! Every time we turn our heads in fear, they grow stronger, their voices grow stronger as well and eventually…they explode. Have you noticed how many times people who seem to never get angry burst out in flames? Have you noticed how many times people who always smile admit that “people who laugh and smile on the outside, cry in the inside?” It is better to work with whatever makes us afraid, mad, angry, whatever we don’t like in us, whatever we can’t accept than let it grow in the shadows and then have reactions we would have never expected and thus don’t know how to face…

Have you ever heard of “mirroring” in psychology? It means that we mirror our own feelings, emotions and reactions onto others’ feelings, emotions and reactions. This is normal. Nobody wants to feel alone, nobody wants to be the only one who has negative feelings…Well, relax! Nobody is alone! We all have them…This is a part of us being humans, a part of our journey to the light…

Next time you criticize something or someone, look deep within you and see which aspect of your shadow-self is knocking on your door, trying to find a way to talk to you…

Love and Light,

Eris Ilmirith

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Spiritual Healing? What is that?

Published 6 April 2017 by Eris Ilmirith

The term “Spiritual Healing” is one that is very often used, especially in the last years, when it becomes more and more common. When people hear this term, they have reactions that range fromlooks that show they don’t understand, to looks (at least) that show they consider it to be something impure, against their religion, etc. This term is used interchangeably with other terms, such as “Alternative Healing”, “Energy Healing” and is a part of what is nowadays called “Holistic Healing”.

Taking first things first, holistic comes from the ancient Greek word “Holon”, which means “whole”, because it views human beings as more than just a body, or mind, or heart, or Soul. It perceives human beings as being a whole that includes thoughts, feelings and emotions, a physical status and a Soul with Its own needs, destiny and lessons to learn. Thus, in Spiritual Healing, what we do is seeing the symptom, which will more often be physical, and try to find out what is the cause of this problem and situation and then help the person heal. In most Spiritual Healing methods, we affect the Aethereal Body (the Aura) through the Chakras (when we have methods that can do that directly) or we work on the Astral and Aethereal Level, so that we can work with the person’s subconscious and find out what there is to do.

In Spiritual Healing, the “patient” plays the most important role. First, it is them who must decide on proceeding with the healing and be ready to face changes. The responsibility for the decision is their own, as is the responsibility for following simple instructions or not. Human Beings have this wonderful ability for self-healing. Energy Healers become the vessels, the “mediums” (not in the sense of contactng dead people, but conmtacting the person’s Higher Self, Spiritual Guides or Subconscious Minds) in order to pass on the energy or interprate the different messages. By no means are they the ones who heal. The person begins to understand how to heal themselves.

Another usual misunderstanding is that Spiritual Healing is useful only when you have something you want to heal. First of all, we all have lessons to learn and paths to walk, so this can be done more easily. Secondly, Spiritual Healing can also be used in order to get rid of trash, to move to higher spiritual levels, to get top know ourselves better. It doesn’t substitute medicine and it can work really well as a supplementary help, in case you are facing a specific physical condition.

In Love and Light always!

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