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The 13 Goals of a Witch: 9) Attune to the Cycles of the Earth

Published 23 March 2018 by Eris Ilmirith

This is again another goal that applies to every single person on Earth and is generally good to be followed, but it plays a very special role in every Witch’s life. Witchcraft, especially Natural Witchcraft, which is what we talk about here, means to attune one’s energy within to the energy  without in order to use it towards a goal. The energy without is the Natural Energy, the Universal Energy, no matter how you choose to call it…Chi, Prana, Ki etc As you can easily imagine, this energy is the energy of the Earth, the planet that we call home and that we so often forget to thank. The most immediate vibrations we receive are those of Mother Earth, and then those of the stars and other planets. We are part of this energy…Actually, this is the energy that keeps us on and alive.

We receive this energy through breathing, this is why breathing is so important to be conscious and calm. My Yoga teacher, says that breath and mind are interconnected and I couldn’t agree more…A calm mind helps us breathe calmly, while calm breathing helps us get rid of anxiety. Breathing is vibration, it is the universal language we all share and through which we all communicate to a level. Breathing can tune us to the natural rhythms around us, and that’s the reason it can relax us and even heal us. It is vital for human beings, all human beings, to be attuned to the Natural rhythms. They still play a huge role in our lives, as it is only natural. Have you ever felt more tired during Spring? Do you feel the need to be more extrovert during Summer, while during Winter you feel more introvert? Do you think this is a coincidence? All living beings follow Earth’s rhythms. Just a look around you will clearly show it.

Witches, as pagans, attune to Earth’s rhythms-or should- every single day. Moreover, there are the Sabbats that every witch celebrates. These Sabbats follow the turns of the wheel and the changes of the seasons. We will refer to the Sabbats later on more analytically. A witch respects all living beings, being them animals, plants, crystals…Through communication with everything around, we can attune ourselves more to the Earth’s vibrations and rhythms, as every living being vibrates. Being in the flow is a phrase that has been heard a lot in the last years and it holds a very important truth. In Antigone, Creon says “The most persisting horses are the ones that are more severely tamed” and the story about the reeds that try to resist the power and flow of water and at last break. Being in the flow of life, noticing and accepting the changes and moving on is the only way for even the difficulties to become easier.

So…Take a deep breath and feel the vibrations! Tune in, be happy!

In Love and Light always,


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The 13 Goals of A Witch: 8) Celebrate Life!

Published 22 March 2018 by Eris Ilmirith

If you thought that it would be all trying and no joy, clearly you were mistaken! Why use magick if it’s not to feel better? If you take a look in previous articles, you will notice that everything is about noticing -yourself, Nature, your environment, people around you- and appreciating…Yep! Gratefulness and choice once more! Appreciate everything that is happening around you and don’t take anything for granted, because nothing is…Appreciate every season for its gifts, appreciate the friends you have, appreciate your family, appreciate how much your pet loves you, how this little flower in the pot is growing up..I have a pot in the garden, which I had dedicated to the Faeries. Two years ago, in Spring, a little plant started growing up from nowhere. I had left the pot empty and without seeds, so that Nature would work its miracles. I didn’t take it out, although it didn’t have anything particularly beautiful, unique, or even strange…I let it be and started watering it and talking to it, as I do with all my other plants. After one year, it was still there, still growing and it had developed a little, very little wooden trunk. Last Summer all its leaves fell, for no obvious reason and it spent all Winter naked and “dry”. I didn’t have the heart to take it out…I continued talking to it and I felt sorry every time I remembered what a beautiful plant it had come to be. Beautiful to my eyes, because it was special to me…Just like the Little Prince’s rose. One day, coming back from work, I noticed that it had some little tiny leaves coming out shyly…”So you just needed a break”, I whispered and smiled…I am so grateful that this plant is still alive! I am grateful that my dog received reiki for the first time yesterday, I am grateful because my cat lets me brush her, for my strawberry-plant that has been hanging on in there for 5 years, when it is supposed to be a one-year plant! Find the reasons you are grateful for, and after that…Find some more!

Tune in with Nature! Make Her rhythms yours! See how everything that is alive around you celebrate life and its changes day by day and moment be moment! Take walks in Nature, swim in the sea, the ocean or a river. Talk to the trees and plants, let them tell you their stories, hug them, heal them! Watch how animals and children are happy and enjoy life for what it is, not according to what they have! Take a look at that stray you took care of, that old lady you helped cross the street. Receive their blessings and enjoy them! The more joy you spread, the more joy you will receive back! The happier you feel, the more opportunities you will have to feel even happier than that! It’s the Law of Attraction! Cliche, but true for the whole Universe!

Give your blessings back! Wish the best for everyone! Fill your life with love and compassion! Those negative feelings and the grudges you hold do not serve you in anything! Choose to let go of negativity and open your doors to happiness! After all, life is something to enjoy! It is what our Souls have chosen to live, it is what our incarnation serves. Be true to yourself, be who you really are and life will give you everything you wish for, as long as you live according to your true being! It isn’t difficult…Challenging, perhaps, but difficult? No way! Start by taking a little step at the time…Start making your dreams come true…You are the only one who can choose to do it and everything else will follow…

Celebrate Life!!!

In Love and Light always,


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Witchy Terms explained!

Published 15 March 2018 by Eris Ilmirith


While I was at my first year of studies as a Priestess, there was homework and a lot of studying on terms and their meanings…I have gone back to these more often than I expected back then…Hope they help you clear up some things as well… 😀

Wicca: a spiritual path, based on pagan beliefs, where freedom of act, meditation, healing and joy are important in order for someone to find the God and Goddess within them. A system based on free will (much the Wiccan’s as the others’) and harming none. In Wicca, witchcraft is an essential part, as the means to become attuned with the energy around and “control” (more it is “cooperate with”) it in order to have the wanted result as long as this is in harmony with everyone and everything around. What I personally love about Wicca is that joy is important!

Witch: This is my personal termination, according to my path. Someone (male or female) who knows how to love and be loved, how to use the energy inside and outside, who can find God/dess within and combine ancient wisdom with personal ways. A person who loves to be alive and celebrates the seasons, life, death  and rebirth. Someone who is what they believe. A person who uses power only for good and knows exactly what to say and do (at the right time). Someone who studies a lot, knows a lot and also knows that the teacher can many times become the student.

Witchcraft: “The craft of the Wise” is the definition closer to how I consider Witchcraft. A wise person learns and knows a lot and although s/he knows that s/he has power, s/he does not use it unwisely (meaning, without thinking of the consequences or knowing beforehand what is going to be needed). Witchcraft is about being one with natural energies and co-operate with them in order to have a wanted result. It consists of the use of symbols and functional things, as long as meditating and inner will.

Warlock: Like the word “witch”, the word “warlock” is thought to be something bad by most of the people who do not know. The word “witch” is now used without too much misunderstanding, but that is not the case with “warlock”. It was believed to come from a Scottish route meaning “oath breaker” or old English meaning “traitor”. Instead of these, a linguist named Niklas stated that the word may derive from an old Norse word (Vardlokkur) which means “conjurer/enchanter”, a meaning closer to what a warlock is believed to be today and is described as.

In Love and Light always,


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The 13 Goals of A Witch: 7) Keep Your Thoughts in Good Order

Published 14 March 2018 by Eris Ilmirith

Here we are again…Ready to work on something more? Something deeper and most of the times, not so obvious? This one is about thoughts. I know we have mentioned this again in previous posts, but this time it is this and this alone!

First things first, thoughts have energy! Actually they have great energy…Thoughts can create realities…Our reality for sure and they are going to affect others’ realities as well…Actually, we are not what we eat, we are not what the others think we are, we are what we personally think! And this goes to others…Perception is something we all “suffer” for. We perceive things our own ways, and we form our opinions and -more importantly- our expectations. So, even subconsciously, what we expect from people and situations is what forms our reactions later. But just think for a while…Do others have to conform to your expectations? Do you conform to others’ expectations? It is normal to have an opinion, but don’t think that you are always right and even if you are, allow the others the right to be wrong.

Energetically, thoughts are the creators of thought-forms. Thought forms are actual ethereal entities, made from thoughts. Whenever you think something about someone, this will create a thought-form with the qualities of your thought. The thought-forms will feed on the energy that serves them, the energy with which they are aligned, and this depends on the thought and the emotions going along with it. So, be extremely careful when you think…What you think about and how will affect the amount you affect yourself and others. Witches, sensitive people, those who work with energy know exactly how powerful thoughts are. Whenever you think something that will affect anything in a negative way, stop, think if it is worth it and cancel. I was a person that got angry very easily and always told the things I was thinking about…Talking about being frank! But then, I started seeing things from another side; did staying angry serve me or anything else? Was I “correcting” the world’s mistakes somehow? Would the driver next to me understand how stupid what they did was? But they already know…Most probably, when people do something we do not like, especially when rules apply, they know they do something wrong. If they know they do something wrong and still go on and do it, they do not care, they do it on purpose…Don’t lose time, thoughts and energy on things, people or situations that don’t want to know or understand…

Along with the previous goal, keep your thoughts and your words in good order and also keep your words in good order with your thoughts and vice versa…There should be no problem! 😉

In Love and Light always,


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The 13 Goals of a Witch: 6) Keep your Words in Good Order

Published 10 March 2018 by Eris Ilmirith

Two cliches are going to appear here…Personal responsibility and words hold great energy. This again is a goal that is important to every single person, not only witches. It reminds me of the owl in “Bambi” who used to say that “If you can’t be kind, be quiet”. A witch is always careful of their words, of what they say and how, because they know that speaking is a form of action.

If your words or even thoughts, carry negativity, this will find the recipient immediately. Of course, if you talk out loud, things get more powerful, plus the other person directly hears what you say to them. Getting angry is humane, but this doesn’t mean that you can go out and insult anyone. Think before you speak and then think again. It is not very spiritual or mindful or witchy to have regrets for things you said and you didn’t mean. If you want to say something that will seem bad or serious, think if it is exactly the thing you want to say. Find the exact words and don’t speak while you are angry.

This goal also speaks about truth. A witch doesn’t lie. A witch always keeps their integrity. If for some reason it is better to not say the truth, then say nothing. Of course, there will be times when a lie will be the best choice, but let it be quick. Surely your best friend doesn’t need to know every detail about why you don’t like their hair, but you don’t have to be enthusiastic about it now, do you!

Goals are set to help us follow our path…And on this path, every step matters…Make your steps count and remember; practice makes perfect!!!

May your words always speak your truth!

In Love and Light always,


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The 13 goals of a witch: 5) Achieve Balance

Published 28 February 2018 by Eris Ilmirith

Oops!!! There it is and here we go!!! That’s a tricky one and very very important! This is one goal set in few words but it hides so much meaning inside.

Balance! Whenever I hear this word, a scale automatically appears in my mind. Along with the scale come Dike, the Ancient Greek Goddess of justice, Archangel Michael, who ‘s said to measure our good and bad deeds at our time of passing, and other images like that…Lol! Ok, let’s leave out the Deities and Angels, but the scale is applicable whenever we talk about balance. Balance is achieved when we manage for all the parts included to measure the same. This is easy to understand. In order to take it a step further, replace measure with weigh. It looks more serious now, doesn’t it.

Humans are beings that should be seen as not only bodies, but bodies with a mind, a heart and a soul. Only if we recognize all these different parts of ours could we work with them all and achieve true balance. Ancient Greeks were firm about a healthy mind being able to thrive only within a healthy body. In Ayurveda, the body is treated along with the mind and the soul. The different Ayurvedic types look at all these three aspects of a human being. The Chakras system is clear about the need for all the Chakras to be aligned and healthy. They don’t pay more or less attention to one or the other. Shamans also talked about having your feet on the ground (physical dimension) to have your head in the clouds (spiritual dimension).

A witch should always try to keep a healthy mind, heart and soul within a healthy body. Remember these are goals and what we should try to do. It doesn’t mean that one has to have a six-pack in order to become a witch!

Balance also refers to energy. A witch should know their boundaries, know what they can do and what not. A witch may try everything, but what they try should be in balance to who they are. It’s like in the goal we analyzed yesterday. Everything starts from within, so who we truly are should define what we do and how. Our feelings, our intuition, our energy. We can’t try to do spell-work when we are exhausted, sick or emotionally down. We can’t do spell-work when we are full of anger. In these cases, we are not emotionally, psychologically or mentally balanced and things can even be dangerous…to ourselves, first and foremost!

A witch is in balance with Nature and the Seasons. WE don’t only watch how things are moving on and along. Noticing the very little changes, appreciating them, seeing the miracle behind the smallest thing, are only the first steps. Not harming Nature and trying to help keeping her in a good state is for granted. A witch actually participates in the seasons changing and in honoring the Great Mother through rituals and the Sabbats.

Balance is also to be achieved between a witch and the people around them. Truth and respect go a long way towards this goal. Balance is needed in using magick and when. The fact that we know magick doesn’t mean that we use a spell for everything we want. We are also physical beings, living in a physical world. Before you try magick, make sure that you have tried everything else first.

I hope you can see now that the more we discuss about balance, the deeper we go…Meditation, spiritual healing, yoga and other body-mind techniques can help you achieve the balance we all seek, not as witches, but as humans!

In Love and Light always,


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The 13 Goals of a witch: 4) Apply Knowledge with Wisdom

Published 27 February 2018 by Eris Ilmirith

This is one goal  seems easy but is not as easy as it seems. A witch has to learn, as we have mentioned before, as much as they can. As always, not everything we learn will apply to our lives. Not every spell or all information will make sense or match our beliefs system. There comes wisdom. Wisdom, logical thinking will make us recognize what is for us and what isn’t. It will also help us see whether we need to change something in our practice or not. It is this voice that always comes to the surface, our intuition that speaks next. We sometimes have a feeling that we shouldn’t do something, without necessarily knowing why. If you have a feeling like that, follow it. Always follow your intuition! Whenever something feels wrong, it most probably is and the results may be apparent later on!

This goal speaks about application and this is a key word! It moves on from theory to practice. A witch doesn’t learn all those things for the sake of learning many things, for the sake of knowing much. A witch tries to bring changes to the world, as this is exactly what magick is; the combination of the energy within with the energy around us, in order to bring -I would put “positive” here- change to the world -I would also put “for their own and everyone’s good”. A witch has to practice, to do rituals, to try spells, to experiment with divination, healing, all these goodies that are out there!. Some things will succeed even from the first time, some things will not. Keep notes, try again, make your practice perfect by trying and acting and practicing.

But! Whenever you don’t find something logical, or it goes against your ethics or it just seems wrong at the time, don’t do it! You may not know why, but the universe with which you cooperate, does!

In love and light always,


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