A little bit about me…

E. I. is a girl from Greece. She was born and has been living in Athens, a city she loves and admires, a city that combines the old with the new and the modern with the ancient. Her origins are from two islands, Symi, where her mother is from Chios where her father is from and Symi, where her mother is from. The one big and North in the Aegean Sea, the other small and South, but E.I. loves them equally. She is the fruit of her parents’ happy meeting in Athens Medical School of the University. My father has come in Athens from Constantinople and my mother from Zair. She grew up listening to Greek, Turkish and Suahili, learnt to love the sounds of all languages, something that made her a keen student of English, French and German.

The first thing she studied was Classical Hellenic Philology and has been teaching ancient Greek, Latin, Literature and History for twenty three years now (It still seems unbelievable to say so…) She loves teaching adolescents (They have formed their views but not totally yet, so there is a lot to do, discuss and learn with and from them), so philology just suits her right. She finds it amazing to be in a position to show others the miracles of such a great civilisation.

After some years, seeing the world around, learning more about it and wanting to offer more, having parents who are both doctors and a bunch of craziness and joy, she decided to study alternative healing. First it was in an attempt to do self-healing, but then she thought “It isn’t fair not to offer to others what I know”, so she started participating in seminars after seminars for almost four years. She has been working as an alternative healer for eight years now. Tarot and other Divination methods as counselling systems also attract her, so she also gives readings. Last year she has made a turn to more physical methods, such as massage, Yoga and nutrition, so she is in a place now where she can really offer holistic solutions, cut for their individual clients. Learning about how the mind can form our realities, she is also studying N.L.P, E.F.T and C.B.T.

Last but not least, came grooming. Not her life profession, but something in which animal loving and pet caring combine! Plus, she gets many kisses and hugs and sees infinite paws and whiskers, something that really makes her day…Moreover, this gave her the chance to also develop her skills in Animal Reiki and Spiritual Healing and Intuitive-Telepathic Communication with them.

When not teaching, healing or grooming, she plays with her three cats (just to have some more dose of the above), writes novels (fantasy and horror), plays DnD, studies or reads. She loves nature and does her best to stay attuned. She is generally balanced, except from when she isn’t.

E.I. studies Wicca and magick in two colleges, where she also facilitates some classes, runs a group on paganism for parents and their children and has her own page concerning alternative healing and divination. She is also an O.B.O.D. member, on her Ovate Degree. She has written several articles and loves doing it…So, blogging may be new, but it won’t be that hard…Right?

E.I. loves talking in third person, but she won’t be doing this a lot! She is a nice person, once you get to know her, but if you don’t like something in here and you don’t feel like leaving a comment on it, please have some strawberry cake and feel free to leave.

Her moto: “Life’s a journey, not a destination”…

Music: Gothic, Celtic, Ethnic

Colour: Pink

Day: Saturday






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