Published 17 March 2017 by Eris Ilmirith

Divination is the ancient art of predicting the future. Since the very ancient times, people wanted to know what would happen next, how their lives would proceed. It started with watching signs for the weather, to see how the crops were going to bloom and whether it would be a good year for them. People of the priesthood, mages and oracles started watching the birds, the winds, the animal behaviour and would come up with conclusions. I still remember my grandfather watching the sky and say it would be windy the next day, when the sky was red. He was always right. My grandmother taught me when there would be a thunder after the lightning, by counting circles with my finger.

Today, many divination tools have been invented, some older and some newer, such as the Tarot, Astrology, Oracle Cards etc. People’s interest to know the future has remained the same over the centuries, although there is a misconception about what divination is really about and what information it can provide us with.

As we have already said, divination is based on watching and come up with answers. We can watch our present and thus predict our future. Divination is a counceling means, a method to help us see how things are progressing and what the most probable future results will be. The first and biggest misconception is the thought that the future is unchangeable, when it is all and only in our own hands. Divination can help us see what are the past influences that have brought us thus far, how things are in the present and then how the future is going to be if we continue having the same behaviours and reactions. This means that if there is something about the future that we do not like, we can change it, simply by changing our present. It is in the present and with the teachings of the past that we build our future every moment, with every decision we make. If we could predict a solid future, then free-will wouldn’t matter at all and life would lose interest. It may sound fascinating to be able to predict every detail, but if you think about it, it isn’t.

The second misconception is that each tool carries certain qualities, which connect them to the “good” or “bad” aetheric realms and creatures. Each tool brings qualities, alright, but the one using it becomes a channel and passes everything through their personal energies. Moreover, divination tools help bring the querer (the person who asks a question) in touch with their subconscious mind, their Higher Self. Jung, the great psychologist used the Tarot to help see what was into his patients’ minds, to help them see things that were hidden deep within them.

Jung was also the one who introduced the term synchronicity; whatever may seem random isn’t random. It is based on a chain of events that led us to a certain point. The moment we choose a card, for example, it is the Subconscious Mind who leads us choosing that specific card in order to show us something we need to know. The choice that seems random, isn’t random at all. How can we choose a card turned with its back surface on and not do it randomly? The Subconscious Mind can “see” and “read” more information than the obvious, so it knows which card can tell us something.

Most people who deal with divination, myself included, do so intuitively, which means that apart from just having read and studied the meanings of signs and cards, we have spent time meditating on and with the tool, so it can give us information that really suit the querer’s situation.

Little Info: Divination derivates from the word “Divine”, which shows its connection to the Higher Realms, the Gods, but also our personal spiritual guides.

In Love and Light, always

picture from Googledivination



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