Magick is everywhere

Published 13 April 2016 by Eris Ilmirith

Everyone wonders what magick is and how magick affects our lives…Some like to put it in the sphere of the Supernatural and others like to brag about being able to do magick…Truth is, magick is everywhere…It only takes some seconds, to start noticing what is going on around us. Magick is in everyone and is something that everyone can do pretty easily. Magick is a matter of perspective, attitude towards life, behaviour and choice…Magick is a matter of noticing and experience, a matter of intewntion and not skill…Magick is our ability to change our environment in order to make it as we want. We usually think that this takes spells and hard word, and in many cases it does, but this isn’t the rule…

If we take into consideration that our environment is not only what we see, but also the people who surround us, ourselves and the animals, things become clearer and simpler. We should also think that “changing” our environment doesn’t mean to manipulate or control, more to attune to and bring balance. Our thoughts can change everything. We are what we think and we live the lives we think of. If I have the tension to harm other people and I find it pleasing to see others suffer, then I can’t be the most amiable of people, can I? If, on the other hand, I offer my smile, a hug and some good words, the others will feel better and will return this to me. This also goes to the whole nature. It takes some respect and love and nature, our natural envoironment can become our best friend. We can heal nature and receive healing back…We can love nature and receive love back. We can find balance, happiness and relief…The more we give, the more we receive…

Humans are used to considering other life forms as inferiors, when they are not. We try to take control over nature and we don’t care when we mistreat Her. This is the mistake. Nature is our home, animals, plants, even rocks are our partners, the ones we share this Earth with. The Sea is our mother’s womb and the sky is the territory of our father, the Sun and our brothers and sisters, the stars…

It only takes some seconds to notice…And such was the spring gift that was given to me two days ago, a gift much appreciated that still makes me smile. After a wonderful dive in the -still- cold waters of my favourite beach, after having lied in the Sun, I found myself smiling at some flowers. Some little, fragile, beautifully wild spring flowers…They would look pretty in a vase, but I prefered to keep their essence in some pictures…This way, I can smile at them tomorrow, when they will have lost none of their freshness and vigour…


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