The 13 Goals of a Witch: 3) Learn and Grow

Published 19 February 2018 by Eris Ilmirith

Here comes one of my favourite ones! I have always wanted to learn many things, I have always liked reading and attending seminars and classes! Learning new things, building on my previous knowledge and adding to my little box of things I know, has always felt like expanding. I mean this literally; By learning new things, I could feel my mind expanding. Learning new things can exercise that very important and often neglected muscle of ours…our brain!

Why is it so important for a witch to learn? Well, energy is abundant and magick works with energy. Knowledge is abundant. A witch never stops learning and adding on their knowledge. After all, it would be really boring to learn everything at once and then do nothing more or less than the same and the same, wouldn’t it! Witchcraft is all about learning…Not only by books and seminars, but also by our own experimenting…This is why it is so important to keep a journal. Write down whatever you have tried in detail. Take notes of how it worked and if you think that changes are needed.Do not give up if something hasn’t worked out the way you wanted it, try it again! The more playful and joyful you approach magick, the more you can find your own path and the more you can get out of it! By playful, of course, I don’t mean careless! We have already spoken about knowing our craft well, the ethics and the basic rules…

How do we grow by learning? In magick, the more you put into it, the more you make out of it! The more you learn, the better your practice gets. The more you try and the more you focus on things, the stronger your intention and energy gets! The more you study, and watch around you, the more you attune to Nature and the Universe, the more your consciousness expands, the more you remember and the more doors open!

So drink from the chalice of knowledge, sip by sip…Drinking it all up isn’t as important as tasting every little mouthful and see what it’s got to tell you!

In Love and Light always,

Eris Ilmirith

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The 13 Goals of a Witch: 2) Know your Craft

Published 8 February 2018 by Eris Ilmirith

The second goal of a witch is to know their Craft. By “Craft”, most people understand Wicca, but I wouldn’t narrow it so much. After all, not all witches follow the path of Wicca, right? I also tend to believe that this goal/rule goes to everyone and everything in life, no matter their choice of religious path…

But let’s take first things first! Let’s talk about witchcraft first and then see if we can take things a bit further. Witchcraft involves a whole bunch of things, such as rituals, spells, energy, correspondences, divination…One should be sure that what they are doing is the correct thing for them to do, that they have followed the correct steps. They should know a lot of theory before moving on to practice. Doing a spell can be extremely interesting, something that somehow connects our childhood fantasies and stories we used to read to reality. It can give great joy and satisfaction, it can make dreams come true, but it needs to be carefully done! It is easy to pick out any book or open a page in the net and find what you need to do a spell. If you don’t know your theory, though, you won’t be able to recognize if a spell is the one you need, if it involves hurting others, intentionally or not, if it is the one spell that matches your intentions perfectly.

Witchcraft and magick involve natural laws and a lot of ethics. These ethics and laws that should, must and will be followed even if you don’t want to, set boundaries that serve you…keep you protected. When we raise energy to achieve a goal (that is, when we work magick), it is easy to make mistakes. We all have and probably will continue to make them! The point is not to make a mistake that will put ourselves or others in danger, or will awaken negative karma we could have avoided. Because in the end, everything you try and do is your own responsibility. Magick, as all knowledge, science and practice has a theoretical basis that is fundamental for us to know.

So…Before you buy those candles and say those words, read books, search the net, go to schools about magick and witchcraft, choose your path among the many pagan paths, choose the kind of magick you want to do. Everything is out there, available for you to learn, but take your time! Patience will reward you and your Craft!

This goal is also important because it agrees to a general philosophy in life! Excellence comes from studying, experimenting, testing, verifying, synthesizing, analyzing, combining…Whatever you choose to do in your life, magickal or totally mundane, be sure to learn it well! Knowing something well requires time and effort…But it is a worthy thing to do…As my grandfather used to say, “The only thing nobody can take away from you is what you have learnt and know”.

In Love and Light,

Eris Ilmirith

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The 13 Goals of a Witch: 1) Know Thyself

Published 25 January 2018 by Eris Ilmirith

The 13 Goals of a Witch appear in Scott Cunningham’s book, “Wicca for the Solitary Practitioner”. This is a book for those who want to practice Eclectic Witchcraft and follow the path of Eclectic Witchcraft. These Goals are not traditional, which means that they do not appear in an old Grimoire or BOS, most probably Cunningham thought of them by himself. This in no way affects their importance and they are good path guides all along the way for a Wiccan, a pagan or a person in general for that matter!

The first goal is to “Know Yourself”: Easy to understand and easy to follow, right? Uhmm…no! Everyone thinks they know themselves better than anyone, but how many times is this true? How many times have you caught yourself doing something or reacting in a way you would not recognize in you? How many times you took a glimpse at something that came out and you thought that you would never believe or expect that you were capable of doing so?

“Know Thyself” was written in Delphi and it was the philosophical principle Socrates and Plato after him followed in the Academy. Well, if Socrates thought that this is a difficult thing to know one’s self and had it as a principle, we can understand that it may not be so easy as we think…It’s not impossible, though! (Nothing really is!)

To know yourself, you must act as a scientist from time to time. Observe, listen, experiment. Observe yourself and how you react in different situations and towards different people. Be as objective as you can be. What aspects do you like? What aspects of yourself are you proud of? (Yes, pride is a good thing if it doesn’t turn into arrogance!) What aspects don’t you like at all and you would like to try and change? Listen to what others have to say. They see the face you show to the world. Don’t listen to anyone with the same attention. For example, you should pay more attention to those you know that are benevolent towards you, people who love you and speak for your own good. Then, listen to the others as well. Maybe there is something there, but don’t take their words into your heart! You always have a choice! What are the things you want to change, the things that you think you must change (e.g. because they prohibit you from living in harmony) and what are the things you wouldn’t change for the world? To give you a personal example, I have always been laughing loudly and you could say clumsily at least. Everyone laughs when they hear me laughing and I have always felt good about it! This is a characteristic I don’t want to change and, truly, I don’t think it can have a negative effect on anyone, except perhaps from the fact that it makes them understand they are too “comme il faut”, maybe more than they would like.

When you work with yourself, always be prepare to face your shadow-self (I have talked about it in an older post) and work with what you find there. Shamans have techniques to retrieve one’s soul from deep within, retrieve the broken and scattered pieces from past lives, traumas etc and put them back together. Knowing yourself is a procedure that requires time and sometimes can be painful, but hang on in there! The result is promising!

After all, we get to live with ourselves until the end of our days! Behave as you would with another one. Don’t exaggerate the negative things or the positive ones, and don’t forget to give a loving hug to yourself every time you do something extraordinary! (Start with anything good, because we tend to be our stricter judges)!


Love and Light,

Eris Ilmirith

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Want to reach the sky? First secure your feet on the ground!

Published 19 January 2018 by Eris Ilmirith

Everyone who is involved with their spirituality want to reach a higher level of consciousness, become one with the one and one with all, find their inner god/goddess, which is really a noble cause. This is why I do the things I do, and why I became a healer and studying to become an ordained high priestess. The fact is that there are many techniques, many meditations and many many methods that promise to bring you to the level of consciousness you want, and most of them work just fine!

What man people forget in the process is grounding, and centering,, living the moment and be humans, living their life on this wonderful planet of ours. Grounding is our touch to the present, our bond with the Earth and its core energy. It is the ground where we work and walk and create. How would it be possible for us to look at the stars if there weren’t the solid basis we take for granted underneath us? Since the ancient times, the importance of grounding was felt and known. Shamans say that one should have their feet deep in the ground and our heads in the sky. In Yoga, there is the tree pose, that connects below and above. The rune Algiz offers protection from evil, acts like a shield and connects us to the gods and higher consciousness. Its standa (meditative position) is standing up, with straight spine and hands open above our head.

I guess nowadays most of people are acquainted with the chakras. Well, the first chakra is the base chakra, the one that receives energy from the earth and brings it up. It is connected to the minor chakras on the soles of our feet and controls our myoskeletal system and is associated to survival, letting go of fears, security, sex (just for the sake of it) and food. It is the centre of our primitive instincts and plays as an important role in our well-being, as all the other chakras. Being the base chakra and the first of the lower chakras is a matter of position. Its name is interesting though, since it signifies how strong our base is. If it doesn’t work properly, it is impossible for the energy to move up to the other chakras and be transmuted to spiritual energy.

I had a friend once who was meditating for a week, eating only dried bread and drinking water. He was forgetting to come out of meditation, as he said. He was writing in a notebook all the insides he had received during meditation and he asked me to have a look at them and correct them in order for him to publish them in a book. So I did, but I couldn’t understand what he said or meant or wanted to say and neither could he. I am sure he had received a lot of interesting information, but it wasn’t grounded, so it wasn’t understandable.

Grounding is our anchor to our present and our guarantee to go further up. Never overdo it and always listen to your body and its needs.

Love and Light,


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Walk your Talk

Published 14 January 2018 by Eris Ilmirith

Walking our talk is a way to refer to integrity, to a person who keeps their word, who are trustworthy and do not say things they do not mean or want.

Let’s remember that historically it was enough for someone to give their word and that was it! It was enough to shake hands, to swear on one’s honor or to the gods.  Of course, that was back when honor meant a lot and people were closer together, minding more about personal relations than for profit. In ancient Greece, Zeus himself was the one who protected the vows, the one who was called as a witness when two parties made an agreement that was sealed with a sacred oath. Gods swore on Styx waters and they couldn’t break their vows, no matter how powerful they were.

For a witch (I guess for everyone, but for a witch especially), walking your talk is really essential. As we have said before, words have power, our voice has power. Words carry no less energy than actions, only a subtler one. Wording something, expressing it, can lead to actualization, realization, creation. When you know that you can bring forth everything you want just by saying the correct words, you understand the great responsibility you carry for what you say. It is essential for the Craft to always be true, to always be careful of what one says. After all, it is in perfect love and perfect trust that we enter our sacred places. And trust without truth is non-existent!

So, next time you are about to say something or give a promise, think first; is it really what you mean? Will you be able to do what you said you would?

Love and Light,

Eris Ilmirith

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2018-A Creative Year

Published 11 January 2018 by Eris Ilmirith

So, I am sitting here, with Mizah, my first cat-child on my lap, thinking how wonderful things can be in life! Not that I haven’t had my fair share of difficulties and challenges and there are still some of them, but I am finally in peace…within!

What I got, really got the tough way, is that before every good change in life, before all development, spiritual or whatever, life comes forth and asks if you are ready…And a simple “yes/no” answer won’t do the job…You have to prove that it is so…That you are really ready to face whatever is to come, with dignity, smile and courage!

So, my goals for this year are really clear! I am going to make more of my two jobs, as a teacher and an energy/alternative/spiritual healer, I am going to learn, learn,learn and finally finish my third degree studies on Wicca and witchcraft! First stop, Swedish -just because I find this language interesting and Italian, because I can’t not learn it since I know Latin…Then, animal telepathy, along with practice on Animal Reiki and Animal Spiritual Healing…Then, I ‘ll see…There are so many things to learn…Thank Goodness!!!

Blessings of Love and Light to everyone!!!

Eris Ilmirith

The Shadow-Self

Published 10 January 2018 by Eris Ilmirith

Even the title of this article is a bit spooky, isn’t it? Well, there is a little part of me, a little secret part that is laughing, because some things seem to be worse than they really are. A little part of me, an unafraid and free part is feeling sorry of how people are still afraid of words and judge by appearance. These parts of me that are laughing or feeling sorry are parts of my ex shadow-self. They laugh and are sorry, because they have been there and done that! They have been afraid, but have faced their fears and can now be parts of the light…

So, what is our shadow-self? Do we all have one? Let’s answer the latter first…Yes, we all do have a shadow-self. It is nothing more or less than those aspects of ourselves that stay in the shadows…Not because they are bad, mean, or dark, or whatever comes to mind…No! They stay in the shadows because we choose to let them be there. These are the aspects of our personalities that want to feel sorry, want to make fun of people or situations, want to get mad from time to time…They are those voices we choose not to hear when someone hurts us and we want to hurt them back, the aspects of our looks that we don’t like or don’t feel comfortable about…Should we let those aspects be? I don’t think that we have a choice here…They exist, whether we like it or not! What choice we do have, is how to work with them, so that they do not come out in a negative way towards others and ourselves…

The moment we choose to see those aspects, those parts of ours, accept their existence and see what we can do about and with them, they come into the light! Every time we turn our heads in fear, they grow stronger, their voices grow stronger as well and eventually…they explode. Have you noticed how many times people who seem to never get angry burst out in flames? Have you noticed how many times people who always smile admit that “people who laugh and smile on the outside, cry in the inside?” It is better to work with whatever makes us afraid, mad, angry, whatever we don’t like in us, whatever we can’t accept than let it grow in the shadows and then have reactions we would have never expected and thus don’t know how to face…

Have you ever heard of “mirroring” in psychology? It means that we mirror our own feelings, emotions and reactions onto others’ feelings, emotions and reactions. This is normal. Nobody wants to feel alone, nobody wants to be the only one who has negative feelings…Well, relax! Nobody is alone! We all have them…This is a part of us being humans, a part of our journey to the light…

Next time you criticize something or someone, look deep within you and see which aspect of your shadow-self is knocking on your door, trying to find a way to talk to you…

Love and Light,

Eris Ilmirith

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