Spiritual Healing? What is that?

Published 6 April 2017 by Eris Ilmirith

The term “Spiritual Healing” is one that is very often used, especially in the last years, when it becomes more and more common. When people hear this term, they have reactions that range fromlooks that show they don’t understand, to looks (at least) that show they consider it to be something impure, against their religion, etc. This term is used interchangeably with other terms, such as “Alternative Healing”, “Energy Healing” and is a part of what is nowadays called “Holistic Healing”.

Taking first things first, holistic comes from the ancient Greek word “Holon”, which means “whole”, because it views human beings as more than just a body, or mind, or heart, or Soul. It perceives human beings as being a whole that includes thoughts, feelings and emotions, a physical status and a Soul with Its own needs, destiny and lessons to learn. Thus, in Spiritual Healing, what we do is seeing the symptom, which will more often be physical, and try to find out what is the cause of this problem and situation and then help the person heal. In most Spiritual Healing methods, we affect the Aethereal Body (the Aura) through the Chakras (when we have methods that can do that directly) or we work on the Astral and Aethereal Level, so that we can work with the person’s subconscious and find out what there is to do.

In Spiritual Healing, the “patient” plays the most important role. First, it is them who must decide on proceeding with the healing and be ready to face changes. The responsibility for the decision is their own, as is the responsibility for following simple instructions or not. Human Beings have this wonderful ability for self-healing. Energy Healers become the vessels, the “mediums” (not in the sense of contactng dead people, but conmtacting the person’s Higher Self, Spiritual Guides or Subconscious Minds) in order to pass on the energy or interprate the different messages. By no means are they the ones who heal. The person begins to understand how to heal themselves.

Another usual misunderstanding is that Spiritual Healing is useful only when you have something you want to heal. First of all, we all have lessons to learn and paths to walk, so this can be done more easily. Secondly, Spiritual Healing can also be used in order to get rid of trash, to move to higher spiritual levels, to get top know ourselves better. It doesn’t substitute medicine and it can work really well as a supplementary help, in case you are facing a specific physical condition.

In Love and Light always!

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Why Magick may not work

Published 23 March 2017 by Eris Ilmirith

You have read the spell, gathered all the ingredients, even memorised the words and the steps. You have watched for the proper time and day, even paid attention to the Planets positions. You have put everything on the spell, really everything, but! It hasn’t worked…No signs, no results, no…nothing! Why has this happened? Is it the spell or you? Have you done something wrong? Let’s take things from the beginning and see some truths…

First of all, magick works every time! It really does! There are points that can make it work more slowly than expected, things that can put boundaries, but it is sure to work every time! There are some questions you have to consider when a spell doesn’t work…

  1. Clear intentions: Intention in magick is the A and Ω of everything. Clear up your mind, think of what you need exactly, find the correct exact words to frame your intention. If you say, for example “I need money”, without setting what you are ready to do about it, how you want to gain money, when you want it, what for, etc, then it is a bit vague, isn’t it! Intentions are usually better to set in Affirmations. Use only Present Tense and only Positive words, eg “I am ready to gain …$ this week through my work to do…” It all starts in the mind. The clearer your intention is, the better magick will work, because we create what we think about. Thoughts carry energy just like words and actions, so do not underestimate this tool of yours.
  2. The right spell/magickal working: Since you have set up your intentions, take a look at the spell. Is it the right one for you? Does it cover your needs? Are there any parts you don’t like or feel wrong to you? It is ok to disagree with sokmething, since all spells are more or less personal and there are no authenticities in the domain. Your intuition will tell you exactly what is right and what is not. Especially if the spell is created by someone else, pay extra attention to your own feelings.
  3. Take notes: Note down everything about before, during and after the spell. This way you will be able to create your own spell-guide, find out things that could be better, things that need to remain the same and things that need to change. This reference guide will help you through your progress in magick!
  4. The right Timing: Well, if it isn’t the right time for you to have something, you won’t, simple as that! Have trust in the Divine and the Universal Powers, your Guides who know best when it is time for you to have something, if at all! If you you to push things,, what you have asked for may come, but it usually turns up to be -at least- less than what you were hoping for. The first spell I had ever made -surprise!- was a love spell. I had let it all to my guides. I had just asked for the best match for me iat the right time. It took me five years to find him, but I did. ANd he is the best match and it was at the right time. I could have met him thouands of times before, as it turned out that we went for holidays at the same places in the same period, we liked the same places to go out etc, but if this had happened, it wouldn’t have lasted, as the timing would be all wrong. I can say that now, that I know how things went…So, be patient! Meanwhile, take what lessons life has to offer you and have fun! I know that love isn’t as urgent, some would say, as money for the rent. In that case, be precise, be exact.
  5. Positivity: Stay positive and hopeful! If you start doubting yourself or your workings, then you add negative energy to it. Every day, every moment you think about yourself, smile and think happy thoughts! It is amazing what positivity can do and how long a way can it go!
  6. Free-Will: If your working is about to hurt someone or interfere with their free-will, it may not work. And it is better for it to not work, since going against others’ free-will can have some not-so-good effects on you. After all, what goes out comes back, most of the times stronger.
  7. Keep Silent: This is another very important thing. After you do your workings, keep it to yourself. You don’t want others’ energies mingling with yours, do you!
  8. Signs: It is really rare for someone to come and tell you “Hey! I am here to inform you that your magickal workings were a success!”. Most probably you will start noticing little things, small changes…Again with my personal example, I got to better know what I was asking for and what I couldn’t tolerate. I stopped wasting time with people I knew weren’t the right ones. There could even be signs that something needs to change in your working. Oh! And do not doubt that the song you noticed in the morning or that writing on the wall, really carried a message for you!
  9. Exhaustion/Illness: If you are tired or sick, do not work magick. Your energy levels won’t be at their maximum and this could affect the working and -most importantly- yourself. We first care about our well-being and then about anything else.
  10. Mundane Means: Magick should be our last resort. We first have to try any physical way we have, because this is how we learn our lessons. You have a nasty neighbour? Before trying to “bind their energy” so that they won’t harm you, have you tried to talk to them? Have you tried to look for a job to get more money, before asking for money to magickally appear? Have you tried to talk to your other half, before making that spell that would make them understand you? Magick isn’t there to help you bind the one who doesn’t return your love, take the job out of 100 other worthy appliants or give you thousands of Dollars/Euros/whatever out of the blue! It can do that, alright, but this would be going against free-will…People ofteny ask me about getting a job. Instead of trying to destroy all others’ opportunity to get the job, boost yourself! Boost your qualities, your speech abilities, your interview advantages! If the job is right for you, you will get it! If you try the first option, eliminating antagonism, you may end up with the job, but it is doubtfull that you will enjoy it!
  11. Goal-Energy: The bigger the goal, the more energy and time you are going to need. It is one thing to ask for some money, another to ask for the love of your life and a totally different one to ask for world peace…
  12. Planets, Time and Space: There are calendars that can help you figure out what the right time of day or night are better for achieving your goal and inform you on the Planetary positions and movements. If you manage to combine those things, this will add to your working…If not, don’t worry. Magick works best when we feel it is the right time to do it and when we have no anxiety. Remember, intention is everything!
  13. Tools and Ingredients: We are going to say more about them specifically, but for the time being, be it sufice to say that tools and ingredients are there to add to the atmosphere, help us get in the mood and enhance the energy! If you can’t find an ingredient, find something that can take its place, or mentally and spiritually connect to its energy…Yes, I know…Intention again! There are witches today that do magick with no tools at all and with no problem at all!
  14. Correspondences: There are books that can inform you on what you can use for a spell, Deities, oils, stones, herbs etc that match your goal. You can also find a lot in the Internet!

If you ask my personal opinion about those three last points, I must admit that it is always more fun to work magick in front of the Altar, having the proper correspondences and tools, singing my spells in rhyme…I do that as often as I can. But there are times and places when I need magick right then and there and I can’t have anything other than my intention. It has worked perfectly, in all cases, all the time!

So, you have done all this and more, but you still see that your magick isn’t there…This happens. We need to take breaks from time to time, let things work on their own, take some rest. This is only normal. Magick involves our bodies, our minds, our hearts and Souls. And we need to recuperate after hard work…

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In Love and Light, always!


The Best Way to Get to Know Tarot

Published 18 March 2017 by Eris Ilmirith

It is amazing how many books on Tarot one can find these days, one better than the other! These books offer insight not only to the divinatory meanings of each card, but also amazing ways to do different readings for different purposes! I really can’t get enough reading sometimes and there is always a little treasure I get to add to my BOS. Although I am a huge fan of books around the Tarot and how to read, I believe it is always better to get in touch with them yourself first. The way to do so is really easy, the only thing you need is time and patience. This can be really helpful whether you are new or experienced.

You can choose to do it card by card (which is what I prefer) or divide them into groups (eg. Aces, Twos etc). Take each card and look at it. Watch carefully as every detail counts. What do the images, the colours and the  people or animals on it tell you? Are there any symbols you find significant? What does the number and the suit (if we talk about the Minor Arcana) or the number and the card name (if it is about the Major Arcana) tell you? How does the card make you feel? Take notes of everything you notice, even things you cannot yet explain. There are always Internet sources or books to tell you about the colours signification or the symbols. Don’t read anything yet, though. If a symbol or an image mean something to you, just note it down. Then look carefully at the picture one more time and meditate on the card. Just let your intuition and instict do their work…Don’t rush it up and don’t expect anything in particular…Just let yourself free! Note down anything that came up during the meditation. Try to find key-words for the cards. It is always easier to remember your key-words than someone else’s. After this, you can read books on the cards, or look in the Net. You will be pleasantly surprised and amazed at how much you already know!

Leave enough pages to add information later, because it is almost certain that everything you read will have something more that you will like…

And don’t try to memorise anything…It will come with time! A nice way to get to know your cards easier is to pick a card each day, randomly and note down the message you think it holds for you. Later on, you can read those notes again and come up with even more conclusions!

In Love and Light always!


Published 17 March 2017 by Eris Ilmirith

Divination is the ancient art of predicting the future. Since the very ancient times, people wanted to know what would happen next, how their lives would proceed. It started with watching signs for the weather, to see how the crops were going to bloom and whether it would be a good year for them. People of the priesthood, mages and oracles started watching the birds, the winds, the animal behaviour and would come up with conclusions. I still remember my grandfather watching the sky and say it would be windy the next day, when the sky was red. He was always right. My grandmother taught me when there would be a thunder after the lightning, by counting circles with my finger.

Today, many divination tools have been invented, some older and some newer, such as the Tarot, Astrology, Oracle Cards etc. People’s interest to know the future has remained the same over the centuries, although there is a misconception about what divination is really about and what information it can provide us with.

As we have already said, divination is based on watching and come up with answers. We can watch our present and thus predict our future. Divination is a counceling means, a method to help us see how things are progressing and what the most probable future results will be. The first and biggest misconception is the thought that the future is unchangeable, when it is all and only in our own hands. Divination can help us see what are the past influences that have brought us thus far, how things are in the present and then how the future is going to be if we continue having the same behaviours and reactions. This means that if there is something about the future that we do not like, we can change it, simply by changing our present. It is in the present and with the teachings of the past that we build our future every moment, with every decision we make. If we could predict a solid future, then free-will wouldn’t matter at all and life would lose interest. It may sound fascinating to be able to predict every detail, but if you think about it, it isn’t.

The second misconception is that each tool carries certain qualities, which connect them to the “good” or “bad” aetheric realms and creatures. Each tool brings qualities, alright, but the one using it becomes a channel and passes everything through their personal energies. Moreover, divination tools help bring the querer (the person who asks a question) in touch with their subconscious mind, their Higher Self. Jung, the great psychologist used the Tarot to help see what was into his patients’ minds, to help them see things that were hidden deep within them.

Jung was also the one who introduced the term synchronicity; whatever may seem random isn’t random. It is based on a chain of events that led us to a certain point. The moment we choose a card, for example, it is the Subconscious Mind who leads us choosing that specific card in order to show us something we need to know. The choice that seems random, isn’t random at all. How can we choose a card turned with its back surface on and not do it randomly? The Subconscious Mind can “see” and “read” more information than the obvious, so it knows which card can tell us something.

Most people who deal with divination, myself included, do so intuitively, which means that apart from just having read and studied the meanings of signs and cards, we have spent time meditating on and with the tool, so it can give us information that really suit the querer’s situation.

Little Info: Divination derivates from the word “Divine”, which shows its connection to the Higher Realms, the Gods, but also our personal spiritual guides.

In Love and Light, always

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Magick or Magic?

Published 16 March 2017 by Eris Ilmirith

It has been many years now since magick started being written with a -k in the end. This word was first adopted and introduced by Aleister Crowley in the 1900’s to differentiate the occult, the practice of magickal arts to performance/stage magic, the performance of magical tricks. It was also Aleister Crowley with his Thelema Tradition who defined magick as “the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will”. Thus, the witch, the practitioner of magick uses the Universal forces, which are neutral, combines them with their energy, in order to change their envioronment.

I said that Aleister Crowley adopted the term “magick”, because in Medieval and Renaissance Grimoirs, both terms are used interchangeably. Thus, Crowley did not invent the word, but set his preferance for the one over the other.

So, the definition “magick” is used today by those who study and practice the Craft, mostly neo-pagans, such as Wiccans, Witches, Heathens and all those who believe that magick is real, everywhere and can bring change. Magick isn’t based on tricks or quick hand movements and it has a greater purpose than please an odience.

I have read that there are those who use the term “magic” in order to stay true to the tradition, which is an opinion totally respected, but I don’t follow it. Language is a means of communication. When I read “magic” in newer books or articles, I usually stop very quickly, as it is agreed upon (and language power is based on common agreement) that without a -k we talk about stage tricks and not real magick.

More on magick will follow, for the time being, this was just a journey to terminology…

With Love and Light, always!

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Magick is everywhere

Published 13 April 2016 by Eris Ilmirith

Everyone wonders what magick is and how magick affects our lives…Some like to put it in the sphere of the Supernatural and others like to brag about being able to do magick…Truth is, magick is everywhere…It only takes some seconds, to start noticing what is going on around us. Magick is in everyone and is something that everyone can do pretty easily. Magick is a matter of perspective, attitude towards life, behaviour and choice…Magick is a matter of noticing and experience, a matter of intewntion and not skill…Magick is our ability to change our environment in order to make it as we want. We usually think that this takes spells and hard word, and in many cases it does, but this isn’t the rule…

If we take into consideration that our environment is not only what we see, but also the people who surround us, ourselves and the animals, things become clearer and simpler. We should also think that “changing” our environment doesn’t mean to manipulate or control, more to attune to and bring balance. Our thoughts can change everything. We are what we think and we live the lives we think of. If I have the tension to harm other people and I find it pleasing to see others suffer, then I can’t be the most amiable of people, can I? If, on the other hand, I offer my smile, a hug and some good words, the others will feel better and will return this to me. This also goes to the whole nature. It takes some respect and love and nature, our natural envoironment can become our best friend. We can heal nature and receive healing back…We can love nature and receive love back. We can find balance, happiness and relief…The more we give, the more we receive…

Humans are used to considering other life forms as inferiors, when they are not. We try to take control over nature and we don’t care when we mistreat Her. This is the mistake. Nature is our home, animals, plants, even rocks are our partners, the ones we share this Earth with. The Sea is our mother’s womb and the sky is the territory of our father, the Sun and our brothers and sisters, the stars…

It only takes some seconds to notice…And such was the spring gift that was given to me two days ago, a gift much appreciated that still makes me smile. After a wonderful dive in the -still- cold waters of my favourite beach, after having lied in the Sun, I found myself smiling at some flowers. Some little, fragile, beautifully wild spring flowers…They would look pretty in a vase, but I prefered to keep their essence in some pictures…This way, I can smile at them tomorrow, when they will have lost none of their freshness and vigour…

Proving one’s self-Αποδεικνύοντας τον εαυτό σου

Published 4 April 2016 by Eris Ilmirith

We live in a period when we are used to proving ourselves day by day to anyone who asks. It isn’t good enough to have a degree on something, you have to pass from test to test in order to prove that you are worth of your degree. Or, vice versa, it doesn’t matter how good or experienced you are on a field, you have to have a degree to prove that you are good and experienced, because without a paper or two, no interview or test are available…Add this to the general antagonistic tensions of our societies and you begin not only to prove yourself professionally, but on a personal level as well…Now, let’s take it a bit further…You have an opinion on something that is not common, something that most people wouldn’t say by fear of being considered crazy…I am sure it has happened to everyone. So it has to me. When I say that I am a spiritual/energy healer and I am also very much into councelling divination (mainly cartomancy), there are those who are eager to learn about those things (and they are not many), others that just laugh and turn away (on the best of occasions) and those who start their phrase by “I don’t believe in those things”, so that when I smile and say “That’s ok” and try to turn away and leave, they take it that I haven’t finished and continue by “Why don’t you prove it to me?”. First of all, I don’t want and don’t have to prove anything to anyone. What I do is not something that comes whenever someone wishes it. Special preparation and attention is needed. Secondly, who are those people who demand me to prove that what I do is real? I am not here, doing what I do in order to show off or make people believe in what I beieve! I know that I will never refuse a therapy when there is need. I know I offer what I know to anyone who wants to take it. I also offer a session to everyone who wants proof. Because, some things can be proven only when felt. And how many people from those asking for proof, try something? None! In all these years, none! I can understand! Being shown something totally different from what you believe in, may ruin this sense of security that we taste among things and people that we know…Well, if you don’t ever take this little step towards the unknown, if you don;t try to see and experience things on your own and for your own self, you will be safe for sure, but many things will remain hidden and unsolved…Don’t ask others to prove something to you, dig in yourselves! The result will not disappoint you!

In Love and Light, always!

Ζούμε σε μια εποχή που έχουμε συνηθίσει να αποδεικνύουμε τον εαυτό μας μέρα με τη μέρα σε όποιον το ζητήσει. Δεν αρκεί να έχεις ένα πτυχίο σε κάτι, θα πρέπει να περάσετε από δοκιμή σε δοκιμή για να αποδείξετε ότι είστε αξίας του πτυχίου σας. Ή, αντίστροφα, δεν έχει σημασία πόσο καλός ή έμπειρος είστε σε ένα πεδίο, θα πρέπει να έχετε ένα βαθμό για να αποδείξετε ότι είστε καλός και έμπειρος, γιατί χωρίς ένα χαρτί ή δύο, η συνέντευξη ή δοκιμασία δεν είναι διαθέσιμες… Προσθέστε το αυτό στις γενικές ανταγωνιστικές πιέσεις των κοινωνιών μας και θα αρχίσετε όχι μόνο να αποδεικνύετε τον εαυτό σας επαγγελματικά, αλλά και σε προσωπικό επίπεδο… Τώρα, ας το προχωρήσουμε λίγο … έχετε μια γνώμη πάνω σε κάτι που δεν είναι κοινή, κάτι που οι περισσότεροι οι άνθρωποι δε θα έλεγαν από φόβο μήπως θεωρηθούν τρελοί… είμαι σίγουρη ότι έχει συμβεί σε όλους. Έχει συμβεί και σε εμένα. Όταν λέω ότι είμαι μια πνευματική / ενεργειακή θεραπεύτρια και ασχολούμαι επίσης πολύ με τη Συμβουλευτική Μαντεία (κυρίως χαρτομαντεία), υπάρχουν εκείνοι που είναι πρόθυμοι να μάθουν για αυτά τα πράγματα (και δεν είναι πολλοί), άλλοι που απλώς γελούν και φεύγουν (στην καλύτερη των περιπτώσεων) και εκείνοι που αρχίζουν τη φράση τους με το «Δεν πιστεύω σε αυτά τα πράγματα», έτσι ώστε όταν χαμογελάσω και πω «Εντάξει» και προσπαθήσω να το αφήσω να περάσει έτσι, θεωρούν ότι δεν έχουν τελειώσει και συνεχίζουν λέγοντας «Γιατί δεν προσπαθείς να μου το αποδείξεις;». Καταρχάς, δεν θέλω και δε χρειάζεται να αποδείξω τίποτα σε κανέναν. Αυτό που κάνω δεν είναι κάτι που συμβαίνει κάθε φορά που κάποιος το επιθυμεί. Υπάρχει ειδική προετοιμασία και χρήζει ιδιαίτερης προσοχής. Δεύτερον, ποιοι είναι αυτοί οι άνθρωποι που απαιτούν να αποδείξω ότι αυτό που κάνω είναι πραγματικό; Δεν είμαι εδώ, κάνοντας ό, τι  κάνω για να αναδειχθώ ή να κάνω τους ανθρώπους να πιστεύουν σε αυτό που προσωπικά πιστεύω! Ξέρω ότι ποτέ δεν θα αρνηθώ μια θεραπεία όταν υπάρχει ανάγκη. Ξέρω ότι προσφέρω ό, τι ξέρω σε όποιον θέλει να το πάρει. Θα προσφέρω επίσης μια συνεδρία στον οποιονδήποτε θέλει απόδειξη. Επειδή, κάποια πράγματα μπορεί να αποδειχθούν μόνο όταν κανείς τα αισθάνεται. Και πόσοι άνθρωποι από εκείνους που ζητούν απόδειξη, δοκιμάσαν κάτι; Κανένας! Σε όλα αυτά τα χρόνια, κανένας! Μπορώ να το καταλάβω! Το να δείξει κάποιος κάτι εντελώς διαφορετικό από αυτό που πιστεύουν, μπορεί να καταστρέψει αυτήν την αίσθηση ασφάλειας που έχουμε γευτεί μέσα στις καταστάσεις και τους ανθρώπους που γνωρίζουμε … Λοιπόν, αν ποτέ δεν κάνετε αυτό το μικρό βήμα προς το άγνωστο, αν δε δοκιμάσετε για να δείτε πράγματα για τη δική σας εμπειρία όσο και για τον ίδιο τον εαυτό σας, θα είστε ασφαλείς στα σίγουρα, αλλά πολλά πράγματα θα παραμείνουν κρυμμένα και άλυτα … μη ζητάτε από άλλους να σας αποδείξουν κάτι, βουτήξτε μέσα σας! Το αποτέλεσμα δεν θα σας απογοητεύσει!

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